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Here's how you can hide text chat on PC in Battlefield 2042.


Count me in the group that just doesn’t care if Battlefield 2042 ever gets in-game voice chat. The toxicity is just not for me. That said, I’m also not a fan of seeing the text chat pop up. Yeah, I get the strategic importance of communicating with your team, but if strangers insist on calling other strangers trash or garbage over a video game, text chat can stay off too. In this guide, I’ll show you how to hide it.

Hid text chat

To hide text chat, you simply need to press H on your keyboard whenever you see the text chat pop up. I’ve yet to find a menu option to completely disable it, but I’ll be sure to update this guide if I do. Since the solution is temporary, you may have to hide the text chat every time you get into a new game. It’s a single press and it’s gone, though, so you’ll never have to endure text chat in Battlefield 2042 for more than a split second if you remember to smash that H key like you do the like button on the latest JackFrags YouTube video.

Now, to be fair, text chat isn’t always toxic in Battlefield 2042. Generally, you see some friendly messages in there and even a little tactical planning. However, as you get into the more competitive game modes, you can certainly see a keyboard warrior or two emerge. For this reason, just pressing the H key to hide chat for the current game is ideal. You can leave it on until someone goes and ruins it for everyone by being a jerk. If everyone stays cool, you can leave it on. Think of the H key like a timeout on Twitch; it’s temporary, but it gets the job done most of the time.

Now that you know how to hide text chat, be sure to visit our Battlefield 2042 topic page. We’re busy building out some guides to make your time in the game better. We’ll be diving into the more strategic side of things as time goes, so make Shacknews a regular destination for your Battlefield 2042 coverage.

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