Orcs Must Die! 3 Cold as Eyes DLC interview: new race, weapons, and traps

We interviewed the Game Director of Orcs Must Die! 3 to learn more about the game's new DLC.


Orcs Must Die! 3 was released back in 2020 as a Stadia exclusive, and came to additional platforms earlier this year. Now, the game is getting some brand new content with the Cold as Eyes DLC, which adds new missions and traps for players to dig into. We had the chance to speak with the Game Director working on Orcs Must Die! 3 to learn more about the creation of the DLC.

Shacknews Head of Video Greg Burke and News Editor Donovan Erskine spoke with Jerome K. Jones, Game Director at Robot Entertainment working on Orcs Must Die! 3. During the interview, he told us more about the creation of Cold as Eyes. It was here that he detailed the new Cyclopian race coming to the game. “The Cyclopians with their new race ability can be a bit challenging because when one of them dies, the other ones around them heal.” Players are forced to be more strategic in their planning with how they take down enemies.

Jones also talked about the new weapons coming to OMD! 3, including the flamethrower. The flamethrower does extra damage to Cyclops, and is a rapid-firing weapon. Cold as Eyes also adds the Molten Gold trap, which Jones explained was inspired by a trap from previous games. “We wanted to come up with a trap that kind of started to replace the Coin Forge from OMD! 2 and OMD! U, a trap that returns money if you use it to kill stuff.” If players kill an enemy that is affected by the Molten Gold trap, enemies will drop extra currency.

Our full interview with Jerome K. Jones is a great insight into the process behind planning a DLC for a game with a history and player base like that of Orcs Must Die! 3. For more exclusive developer interviews, be sure to subscribe to the GamerHubTV and Shacknews YouTube channels.

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