Roblox server status and maintenance schedule

Learn when Roblox will be back up, reasons for why it went down, as well as the server status and other relevant information.


Roblox is one of the biggest online video games with an incredibly large playerbase. Because of this, if the Roblox servers go down for maintenance or there is some server error, a whole lot of players know about it. If you’re wondering why Roblox went down and when it will be back up, we’ve got some tools you can use to learn what went wrong and hopefully when the game will be fixed.

When will Roblox be back up?

Roblox is usually an extremely solid experience, with users able to get online and play the game whenever they please. However, sometimes Roblox will experience server status issues and may even undergo scheduled maintenance. These downtimes will lead to players asking, "When will Roblox be back up?" To find the answer to this question, your first place to check should be the official Roblox server status page. This shows what services are operational and which ones are experiencing a disruption.

is roblox down roblox server status
The official Roblox server status site will list the various services and whether they are functioning correctly.

You might also opt to check out Roblox on Down Detector if you can’t login and the official page doesn’t say something is wrong. Down Detector will allow you to see if Roblox is down for just you or other players as well. Up the left-side of the chart (y-axis) is the number of reports from other players, along the bottom (x-axis) is the time of day with the right-hand side being the current time. A lot of reports means there is likely a problem with the game for others.

Another tool at your disposal is the official Roblox Twitter account. This is where the developers will communicate with users about the server status of Roblox or any scheduled maintenance that may be occurring. Recently, Roblox experienced an extended period of downtime and the Twitter account was used to get information to the players, as seen in the embedded Tweet below.

In the event the game is experiencing some errors or server-side problems, various features and services may be impacted. The Roblox help page states that purchases may be delayed, joining games may be unsuccessful, and there could be lag. It’s also worth noting that Roblox scheduled maintenance is often rare, and if it does occur, it is typically during off-peak hours when fewer players are online. In the event maintenance is scheduled, there should be a notification in-game.

Much like every online game, sometimes players will be unable to sign in to Roblox. This could be due to server maintenance or even scheduled downtime. No matter the cause, checking the Roblox server status should be your first step before heading to the official channels, like the Roblox Twitter. All of this information should help you discover when Roblox will be back up and event learn why it went down in the first place. Be sure to keep it locked to Shacknews for more news and help with Roblox.

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