Let Skynet guard your house with Ring's Always Home Camera drone

Ring's latest home security product replaces multiple cameras with a single flying drone.


Amazon’s annual hardware showcase event never fails to intrigue, and the 2021 show played its part. Amongst the various gadgets and gizmos, one stood out from the crowd: Ring’s Always Home Camera. This flying drone system can respond to disturbances or sounds in your home by sending a small drone to investigate with a built-in IP camera.

While the project was initially unveiled at the 2020 Amazon hardware event, it was not ready to ship until now. Ring says it will now be accepting inquiries from interested parties via its website. The initial batch of Always Home Camera systems will go out through an invitation-only system.

Should you be selected as one of the first owners of the Ring Always Home Camera, you get your very own aerial drone setup. The unit can respond to audible or visual disturbance and will dispatch a camera-equipped drone to get a closer look. The video feed can be relayed to your computer or mobile device and owners even have the option to pause, rotate, or even return the drone to its docking station. It can also be integrated into existing Ring Alarm Security systems.

Ring and Amazon say that the Always Home Camera can be used in dwellings with pets, but owners should slowly introduce the pets to the drone or secure the pets in a room away from the drone’s area of operation. It likely won’t survive an attack from your average housecat. Then again, can you really trust cats? Are cats more trustworthy than video-recording robot drones in our homes? Would you feel safe using the Always Home camera in your own living space? Let us know in the comments below.

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