All Splitgate killstreak names and medals

Here's every killstreak-related medal in Splitgate and what it's called.


Splitgate offers a fresh take on the arena-shooter, as its portal mechanic creates new levels of strategy and difficulty. As players get a feel for the game and start to rack up kills, they’ll notice that they’re being awarded medals for achieving certain kill streaks. There’s a lot of different killstreak milestones and respective badges to be reached in Splitgate, so let’s look at all of them.

All Splitgate killstreak names and medals

Here’s every killstreak and its corresponding medal in Splitgate, as we have confirmed through our own time playing the game:

  • 5 Kills: Killing Spree
  • 10 Kills: Killection Agency
  • 15 Kills: Fragtastic
  • 20 Kills: King of Carnage
  • 25 Kills: Absolute Mad Lad
  • 50 Kills: Superkillifrageusticextrakilladocious

You’ll know when you hit new killstreaks, as the medal with pop up on the screen, and the announcer will shout the medal’s name in his epic voice. It’s very similar to how things work in the Halo games, a franchise that Splitgate clearly draws a lot of inspiration from. As the name implies, you can only achieve a killstreak if you get consecutive kills without dying. It doesn’t matter how far a part the kills are, if you stay alive, and the game doesn’t end.

The first time that you achieve one of the killstreak medals, you’ll also earn an Achievement (Steam and Xbox) or a Trophy (PlayStation). It’s a good way of keeping track of which milestones you’ve reached so far. If you want to go for something like the 50-Kill medal, you’ll not only need to be at the top of your game, but working fast enough so that the game doesn’t end by the time you reach the big 5-0.

Those are all of the killstreaks names and medals in Splitgate. If new medals are discovered, or if developer 1047 Games adds any, we’ll be sure to update this article.

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