Knockout City players get superpowers in new mid-Season 2 event

Velan Studios is adding a new playlist to Knockout City that gives players super powers.


Knockout City was one of the pleasant surprises of this year’s game releases. Developed by Velan Studios, this dodgeball game saw some positive responses from fans and critics alike when it launched in May of this year. Since then, the developer has continued to support the game with new content through seasons. As we hit the midway point of Season 2, Knockout City is getting a new playlist that grants players with superpowers.

Velan Studios shared details on the upcoming mid-season event coming to Knockout City with Shacknews on August 30, 2021. “Break out your spandex and practice your best hero pose, dodgebrawlers! Starting Tuesday, August 31 at 12pm UTC, Knockout City will be the ultimate battleground for heroes and villains in the all-new Superpowers! Playlist.” The Superpowers! playlist will feature standard dodgeball action, but with a twist. Every time players spawn, they will be granted one of seven different super powers from the following list:

  • Ballform Bounce - While in Ballform, bounce pads will Ultimate Throw you
  • Charge-Up - Gain extra overcharge from catches and passes
  • Tackle Strike - Tackle your opponents to deal damage
  • Double Jump - Jump again in the air
  • Healing Powers - Heal your hearts back over time
  • Strength - Pick up opponents by tackling them
  • X-Ray Vision - See and target players through walls

The Superpowers! mode features 3v3 action, and players can earn some unique rewards by completing contracts tied to the new mode. There’s some limited-time cosmetics that players can score from the in-game store.

“The Hero Bundle will also let players thrive as heroes, or rise to villainous infamy, in style with new Legendary items, including the V.I.P.E.R. Head, Captain KO Mask, Tech Gloves and Cybersuit available for 2400 Holobux in the Brawl Shop. Between the Hero Bundle and everything available in the event shop, there are over 20 limited and unique cosmetics available during the Knockout City Heroes event.”

The Superpowers! playlist in Knockout City will run until September 14, 2021 at 5 a.m. PT/8 a.m. ET. Stick with Shacknews for more on Knockout City.

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