Maneater: Truth Quest DLC hands-on gameplay impressions

We got to take an early look at the Maneater: Truth Quest DLC and liked what we played.


Maneater was released by Tripwire Interactive back in 2020 and sees players in the role of a shark on a journey to consume every person and creature it can. We quite liked the game here at Shacknews, so of course, we dove back into the waters for Truth Quest, the game’s first story DLC.

Our hands-on impressions of Maneater: Truth Quest were made in video form and uploaded to the Shacknews YouTube channel. The DLC follows a mystery and conspiracy surrounding the origins of the shark featured in the original campaign. A lot of it is anchored by the voice work of actor Chris Parnell. One of the highlights of our impressions is Clover Island, a brand new zone featured in the DLC that adds more creatures to consume and challenges to complete.

Not everything in the Maneater: Truth Quest was as pleasant as we hoped. There’s a series of timed trials for players to complete, and they could be quite frustrating at times. Truth Quest also expands upon features that made the first game so enjoyable, like challenges that task players with tossing explosives and items at helicopters.

Maneater: Truth Quest is an exciting DLC that adds to a game we already loved. For the full review, as well as more exclusive video content, be sure to subscribe to Shacknews on YouTube.

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