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Does Splitgate have skill-based matchmaking?

Let's look at whether or not Splitgate features a skill-based matchmaking system.


Splitgate is currently in beta, allowing fans to experience the sci-fi shooter and all its offerings ahead of the game’s full launch. Pitched as “Halo meets Portal” Splitgate combines first-person shooter gameplay with reality-twisting portals. The level of competitiveness featured in the game already has fans wondering, does Splitgate have skill-based matchmaking?

Does Splitgate have skill-based matchmaking?

Yes, Splitgate does feature skill-based matchmaking. However, the full answer is a bit more nuanced than that. In a Q&A video, which was shared to Reddit, the developers state that they want a “loose skill-based matchmaking” in Splitgate. “We basically want a balance, where we’re not going to throw a professional player into a match with a brand new user who’s never played the game before.”

If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of skill-based matchmaking, it’s a design feature in online video games that pairs players with others based on skill. Lower-skilled players will be placed in matches with lower-skilled players and highly-skilled players will be placed with other highly-skilled players. This is done to ensure competitive integrity but is quite a controversial topic among gamers. While some feel as though SBMM is good for keeping matches fair for all, others feel as though it favors the lesser-skilled players. With Splitgate positioned to be one of this year’s hottest multiplayer titles, fans have been dying to hear the developer’s stance on SBMM.

Splitgate has a ranked queue, which will use a traditional Elo system in order to pair similarly skilled players with each other. As for the game’s casual modes, skill-based matchmaking will still be present, but not as aggressive as in the ranked modes. For more on everything going on in Splitgate, stick with us here on Shacknews.

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