Hitman 3 Season of Lust includes Shacknews Featured Contracts

The upcoming Season of Lust in Hitman 3 has a lot of cool stuff, including Featured Contracts created by Shacknews.


The World of Assassination trilogy from IO Interactive has been pumping out non-stop content since the original installment back in 2016. Call us biased, but we here at Shacknews think the upcoming Season of Lust is shaping up to be one of the most exciting yet. In addition to Elusive Targets, free trials of Marrakesh and A House Built on Sand, the Season of Lust will include Featured Contracts designed by Shacknews.

Season of Lust kicks off on July 27 and runs until August 30. Pride, Greed, and Sloth have already been covered as IO Interactive works its way through the Seven Deadly Sins. Each season features both content to play and items to unlock, and players can purchase each season individually, or as a pack if they plan to play them all.

The Season of Lust will feature the following content:

  • July 27 - August 8: Play Marrakesh for free
  • July 30 - August 9: The Heartbreaker (Hitman 3 Elusive Target)
  • August 5: The Dartmoor Garden Show (Permanent Event)
  • August 12: Featured Contracts from Shacknews
  • August 12 - August 22: Play A House Built on Sand free
  • August 20 - August 30: The Entertainer (Elusive Target)
  • August 26: Featured Contracts from the Hitman Community
Hitman 3 Season of Lust Shacknews

The Season of Lust includes some cool weapons to grab, such as the ICA 19 Goldballer that any respectable assassin should own, as well as the SMG Raptor RubyRude. Players can also partake in a permanent event called the Dartmoor Garden Show which will feature an Escalation Contract and lead to unlocking the Summer Sight Seeing Suit. There’s lots to do but, in our opinion, the coolest part of the Season of Lust will begin on August 12.

On August 12 players can dive into Hitman 3 and play through three Featured Contracts designed by the Shacknews staff. We won’t get into any details about what these contracts might include prior to their release, but our brainstorming has been running wild with ideas that we hope you’ll enjoy.

For more Hitman 3 in general, and the Season of Lust specifically, visit the Hitman 3 topic page. If you’ve yet to dig in now is a great time. Hitman 3 is currently 50 percent off on the Epic Games Store, and it’s a dandy. If you grab it, be sure to fire up the game on August 12 to see if you can complete our contracts.

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