SpellPunk VR - Become a Battle Mage on PSVR & Oculus Quest

We sat down with the co-founder and CTO of Incineration Productions to chat about SpellPunk VR, a multiplayer one-vs-one arena spell slinger.


Virtual reality is lowering the barriers of entry and becoming more accessible as home computers and game consoles grow more capable of delivering VR experiences. Incineration Productions is focused on developing games for the burgeoning VR format and we got to sit down with its co-founder and CTO, Yuriy Popov, to discuss SpellPunk VR. Our Head of Video, Greg Burke, talks with Yuriy about the challenges of making games for virtual reality, SpellPunk VR in-depth, and porting the game to new platforms.

SpellPunk VR is a fast-paced one-vs-one arena combat game where two players duel it out by slinging spells across fantastically stunning worlds. Players draw spells in real-time with their hands while countering the attacks of their foe. Yuriy Popov talks with Greg about the inspirations behind SpellPunk as well as the many complications faced in developing the title. With a full range of locomotion options, SpellPunk VR provides multiple ways for players to enjoy the hectic arena combat while not losing their lunch. Yuriy goes in-depth with the balance required to match the gameplay to the movement options.

Another immediate feature of SpellPunk VR that can’t be ignored is its striking visual style. Greg asks the co-founder of Incinerator Productions to talk about the art style of SpellPunk VR and we get a detailed explanation of the techniques used to achieve this look. With stylized cel-shaded graphics and an eye-popping color profile, the world of SpellPunk VR is vibrant and engaging. Yuriy also talks at length about the various systems and technologies involved with making VR games as well as porting SpellPunk to other VR platforms.

This interview holds a lot of fascinating information for anyone interested in virtual reality games and their development. Yuriy Popov has so much inside experience to share but does so in a way that anyone can understand the tech behind the scene. The interview wraps up with thoughts on specific issues found on certain platforms, the future of VR, exciting developments in VR tech, and how the pandemic affected the studio.

SpellPunk VR is available now on Steam Early Access and VIVEPORT for the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, or the Valve Index VR headsets. It is currently being ported to PSVR and Oculus Quest. Keep a tab on our topic page for the game to stay up to date on any further developments. To see more in-depth developer interviews, check out the GamerHubTV YouTube channel. Also head over to the Shacknews channel for reviews, gameplay, unboxings, and much more!

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