Where was Gears 6 at the Xbox/Betheda E3 2021 showcase?

Xbox and Bethesda just wrapped up what was an undeniably great E3 2021 presentation, but we were left wanting more. More Gears specifically. Come on, The Coalition. Where was Gears 6?


E3 2021 is well into its second day, and we were just hammered with announcements, but like any good gamer, we are left wanting more. More Gears. Where was Gears 6 at E3 2021? I mean, come on!

Where was Gears at E3 2021?

Microsoft closed out the Xbox/Bethesda E3 2021 showcase with an awesome announcement of a new Arkane Studios game, but many Gears fans were left scratching our collective heads, and ripped biceps. It's entirely possible that Xbox wanted to keep some bullets in the chamber for future events this year, or maybe the next Gears will be running on the brand-spanking new Unreal Engine 5! 

Many fans have been reaching out to Cliff Bleszinski on social media in the hopes that he could return as a consultant on the franchise. Something that he recently told David Jaffe he was still interested in doing, but Xbox has not asked him yet. 

Between the new Xbox Series X and S hardware, and the potential of a new engine for the game, it is not surprising to see a brand new Gears game, but it would have been nice to see something. The Coalition might also be trying to figure out exactly where to go next with the story. Many fans would lose their heads if we actually got a game that takes place entirely on Emergence Day. We can only hope for now, as Xbox was too busy touting their newly acquired shiny Bethesda intellectual properties instead of throwing us Gears fans a bone  (or Cog Tag).

Come on, Microsoft. You could have at least mentioned Gears Tactics or the Gears 5 optimized Series X functions. Alas, we will have to wait to hear more about the amazing adventures of Kait Diaz and her rag-tag band of Gears.

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