Innersloth details Among Us roadmap plans at Summer Game Fest 2021

Among Us shows some new updates at Summer Game Fest 2021 detailing Innersloth's plans for the social game turned pop culture phenomenon.


Innersloth has unveiled plans for updates to its indie game mega hit Among Us with a roadmap trailer debut at Summer Games Fest 2021. New modes, colors, roles, and more were shown. The roadmap trailer promises a host of new features and content coming to Among Us throughout the year but each update is shown in no particular order with no timetable for release.

Among Us has been a smash-hit for Innersloth over the past couple of years. While the pandemic brought focus to a lot of games that weren't seeing much fanfare, perhaps none received the boost in visibility that Among Us saw in 2020. The Mafia/Werewolf-inspired online social deception game looks innocent enough on the surface with hand-drawn art and simple controls, but players have flocked to its multiplayer bouts of deductive reasoning, cunning deceit, and inevitable screaming matches. With millions of ravenous fans around the world, new content for Among Us has become a hyped and highly anticipated announcement.

The Summer Game Fest 2021 gave us a new look at some of the plans that Innersloth has in store for its indie-game phenom. Detailed within the trailer are a number of new updates including a new game mode titled Hide & Seek, which should prove to be pretty self-explanatory. Also shown were new roles to embody, like a sheriff or scientist, as well as new colors and skins for your crewmembers. Coral, tan, rose, maroon, banana, and gray were the new hues to debut. A range of visor cosmetics make an appearance with a baker's dozen quickly popping up on screen. The roadmap trailer finishes up with maybe the biggest features shown with Achievements and the announcement of Map 5.

Among Us is a fascinating tale of a developer bringing its game back to life after years of lower player counts. If you'd like to learn more about its rise to fame, please check out our feature on the story of the game and its success. Stop by the topic page for Summer Game Fest 2021 for more news and announcements.

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