Funny GME, AMC & DOGE stock meme Twitter accounts to follow

The Reddit meme stock revolution continues into June, and we put together some of the funniest Twitter accounts to follow. Whether you are paying attention to GME, AMC, or Dogecoin, these accounts are worth following.


The ongoing short squeezes in GameStop, AMC, and other Reddit favorites has continued way longer than most pundits thought it would. Memes have been at the center of the whole movement, and a lot of online personalities are being born out of thin air. In this article, we will break down some of the funniest Twitter accounts to follow if you are interested in the meme stock revolution. Don't know who Greg is? Well, we got you covered. Please take a look.

TheRoaringKitty (Keith Gill)

Let's get the greatest of all-time out of the way right now. Anyone who considers themselves part of the movement should be following Keith "TheRoaringKitty" Gill. Also known as u/DeepFuckingValue on r/WallStreetsBets, his Twitter page has become the place to go to see somewhat contextless memes. Keith returned after nearly two months of social media silence. He is a legend in the Reddit meme movement as he very publicly laid out a long thesis for GameStop back in 2020 when the stock was still trading in single digits. His position in the company is now valued over $50 million, which has seemingly given him a license to tweet whatever he feels like. Give Keith a follow on Twitter @TheRoaringKitty.

Ryan Cohen

Now Ryan Cohen is certainly more than just a random poster from a forum. He cofounded and has become a Reddit darling in recent months, receiving the title "Papa Ryan" on subreddits like r/SuperStonk and r/GME. Ryan is set to be named Chairman of the Board at GameStop this week and he is the largest individual shareholder of the company's stock. He owns over 12% of the float! Ryan is no stranger to cryptic tweets or self deprecation, so check out his Twitter page if any of that sounds interesting to you. Give Ryan a follow on Twitter @ryancohen.

Shibetoshi Nakamoto (Billy Markus, Creator of Dogecoin)

It is important to note that this is not a parody account. Billy Markus is the real creator of Dogecoin, and as such, he has a pretty great sense of humor. His Twitter profile name is a reference to the rumored creator of Bitcoin, and Billy brings the memes, but also has some sobering advice for novice cryptocurrency investors. His balance approach of dank meme reposts from r/Dogecoin and solid risk management advice makes him one of the best accounts to follow if you are a part of the Doge Army or even thinking about enlisting. Give Billy a follow on Twitter @BillyM2k.


So far, the Twitter accounts we have suggested following have been real people who also happen to post some funny stuff. This guy CokeRatCramer is a parody account designed to make fun of mainstream media pundit Jim Cramer, host of Mad Money on the CNBC network. You will see CokeRatCramer in a lot of @jimcramer Twitter comment threads causing trouble, and you can always ask him for a bump throughout the day. AMC, GMC, and Dogecoin longs will all be delighted to follow this account, but he definitely seems to focus on GameStop memes. And Coke. Lots of coke. Give him a follow on Twitter @CokeRateCramer.


Greg's rise to popularity on Twitter is the epitome of this meme stock movement. Greg came up in the comment threads of TheRoaringKitty, and definitely filled the void during Keith's Twitter break. Months later, the Dogecoin community has jokingly named him the unofficial CEO of the dog-based cryptocurrency that started as a joke. Which makes no sense, because DOGE isn't a company, but let's not waste too much brain power here. Greg has firmly planted himself in the daily AMC, GME, and DOGE online conversations, and he brings some hilarious memes.

Who knows what lies ahead for Greg, but he has been a valuable member of multiple stock and crypto movements this year with his unrelenting meme posts. Follow Greg on Twitter @greg16676935420.

Citadel Air

Citadel Air is another parody account that is definitely focused on AMC and GME. As many Reddit rebellion members have continued to demonized Robinhood and their clearing partner Citadel Securities, there have been a ton of meme accounts that have popped up to mock the company's CEO Ken Griffin. This Twitter page portrays the life of the team that flies Citadel's CEO in a private jet. It's always fun to have a laugh at billionaires, right? Give Citadel Air a follow on Twitter @CitadelAir.

Ken Griffin parody accounts

There are a lot of people who hate the Citadel Securities CEO Ken Griffin, and they have taken to Twitter to lampoon him. Instead of breaking them down individually, we thought it would be better to group them together here. Give all of these silly bastards a follow if you harbor a deep hatred for the billionaire CEO who holds the purse strings to a lot of AMC and GME stock trades made via Robinhood.

Kenny Lay (Parody)

Talk about a blast from the past! Kenneth Lay was the CEO and Chairman of Enron, the company that committed so much fraud that it makes Facebook's advertising metrics team's heads spin. Lay died three months before he was set to be sentenced for 10 counts of securities fraud. This account is a pretty funny parody Twitter page full of memes about cryptocurrency, AMC, and GameStop. Give them a follow on Twitter @EnronChairman.

Now there are probably plenty of other people we could have included on this list, including the majority shareholder of Shacknews, but you know where to find him.

Did we miss any funny stock meme accounts? Let us know in the comments section below. We really want to hear your opinion!

This article is only meant for educational purposes, and should not be taken as investment advice. Please consider your own investment time horizon, risk tolerance, and consult with a financial advisor before acting on this information.

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