Knockout City console controls and PC keybindings

Here are the full list of keybindings for Knockout City on both console and PC.


Knockout City delivers some chaotic dodgeball action. Though the game is very arcade-like in its easy-to-pick-up nature, there’s a lot beneath the surface, with layers and layers of strategy for players to harness. A big part of this is the game’s extensive list of moves. Let’s look at the full list of keybindings for Knockout City.

Console controls and PC keybindings - Knockout City

There are a slew of different controls to memorize in Knockout City, so let’s go through them for the major platforms.

Knockout City PC keybindings

Here are the PC keybindings for Knockout City.

Knockout City PC Keybindings
Action Keybinding
Move Forward W
Move Backward S
Move Left A
Move Right D
Sprint (Hold) Left Shift
Jump Spacebar
Throw Left Click
Fake Throw F
Pass Middle Mouse button
Drop Ball G
Catch Right Click
Dodge Left Control
Ballform Left Alternate
Spin E
Flip Q
Taunt 1
Additional Emote R
Text-to-speech >
Push-to-talk X

Knockout City console controls

Here are the controls for Knockout City on Xbox, PlayStation and Switch. 

Knockout City Console Controls
Action Xbox PlayStation  Switch 
Move Left Analog Stick Left Analog Stick Left Analog Stick
Sprint (Hold) Press in Left Stick Press in Left Stick Press in Left Stick
Jump A X B
Throw RT R2 ZR
Fake Throw Press in Right Stick Press in Right Stick Press in Right Stick
Pass LB L1 L
Drop Ball Left on D-Pad Left on D-Pad Left Directional button
Catch LT L2 ZL
Dodge X Square Y
Ballform RB R1 R
Spin B Circle A
Flip Y Triangle X
Taunt Up on D-Pad Up on D-Pad Up Directional Button
Additional Emote Down on D-Pad Down on D-Pad Down Directional Button
Text-to-speech Right on D-Pad Right on D-Pad Right Directional Button

Now that you know all of the console controls and PC keybindings for Knockout City, you're ready to take on the competition and show off your arsenal of moves. For more on Knockout City, stick with us here on Shacknews.

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