The Sims 4 Dream Home Decorator pack lets you become an interior designer

Show off your interior decorator skills with the new freelance career launching with The Sims 4 Dream Home Decorator pack.


The Sims 4 continues to roll out the content and expand the player experience years after release. This time out, EA is introducing the Dream Home Decorator pack, which includes a freelance career and a batch of new furnishings for players to experiment with, making or breaking the dreams of Sims around the world.

Perhaps the most notable addition to the Dream Home Decorator pack is the Interior Decorator Freelance career. Many small packs introduced to The Sims 4 only include items, but this time out players will be able to use new items in conjunction with their interior decorating career. Players will be able to decorate the homes of their clients, showing the before and after comparisons of the space, and bask in their reaction when they see their dream – or nightmare – design realized. Personally, I can't wait to absolutely decimate the homes of Sims I'm not particularily fond of, or use the career as a ruse to further my skills as a kleptomaniac. I might walk a different path, though, since I'm the guy who generally keeps a prison cell under my house in case Sims start acting like fools on my property.

While EA didn’t reveal the number of items being added to The Sims 4 with the pack, they did mention it would include sectional sofas, modular shelving, and even built-in stovetops and ovens, and more. No matter the number, new items are always welcome and help keep the game fresh years after its initial release.

Interested players won’t have to wait long to dive in. Those on PC, PS4, and Xbox One can get the Dream Home Decorator pack on June 1 for $19.99 USD. The base game is required, of course.

Stay current with what’s happening in The Sims 4 by locking your browser to Shacknews. We’ll be doing our best to give Sims the spaces of their dreams, although good design is subjective. We’ll see how it goes.

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