Hitman 3's first new Elusive Target will be hiding in Dartmoor

Agent 47 is heading back to Dartmoor to kill Hitman 3's first new Elusive Target.


Hitman 3 has featured a couple of Elusive Targets already, but they were re-releases from Hitman (2016) and Hitman 2. That changes on April 9 when Hitman 3 gets its first new Elusive Target, The Collector.

Today, IO Interactive released their April 2021 roadmap, featuring new Escalation and Featured Contracts, a Hitman 2 Elusive Target called The Politician, and The Collector, an Elusive Target located on the popular Dartmoor map from Hitman 3.

Hitman 3 April Roadmap

Dartmoor is considered one of the better maps not only in Hitman 3, but the entire series. It features a murder mystery that I found so interesting I was passing up opportunities to off my target in order to find the killer. The huge mansion and surrounding grounds should provide a very cool backdrop for players to plan and execute the perfect assassination of The Collector. I’m already thinking of possible starting points and likely hiding places for this dead man walking.

Players can head to Dartmoor on April 9 to track The Collector. That gives anyone snoozing on their Dartmoor mastery a couple of days to get their affairs in order. The Collector will stay in Dartmoor until April 19, giving players a four-day break until they’ll need to pack their ICA briefcases and make their way to Hawke’s Bay to kill The Politician – again – on April 23, a re-release of an Elusive Target from Hitman 2.

Keep in mind there are – theoretically – no second chances with Elusive Targets. The idea behind them is players get a single shot to take out a target in a set amount of time. You cannot save progress. If you fail, it’s done, and you can’t do it again. There are ways to restart levels for those that really want to, though. Personally, I love the adrenaline and anxiety of not knowing what I’m doing and having one shot to get it right. It puts to use all those hours spent perfecting kills in situations where you can just load your save every time you fail.

Set a reminder for April 19 and get ready to take out The Collector in Hitman 3. We’re not sure what he’s done, but it doesn’t matter. Diana must only point at what needs to be eliminated and Agent 47 will oblige.

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