How to join the Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Alpha

The first phase of Elite Dangerous: Odyssey's Alpha is here, and those who are interested in testing it out can sign up today.


Elite Dangerous: Odyssey will fundamentally change how you play the game. Finally, players will be able to exit their ship and their rovers, going completely boots on the ground as they explore the vast planets that make up the galaxies in Frontier Developments’ iconic space flight simulator. The first phase of the alpha has now arrived, and players interested in checking out the updates can join the ranks of freelancing space pilots by following the information outlined below.

How to join the Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Alpha

If you’re interested in helping test the newest features coming to Elite Dangerous: Odyssey, then signing up for the alpha is probably high on your to-do list for the week. Fortunately, signing up isn’t extremely difficult, and you won’t even have to fill out a lottery form for a chance to get access. Instead, you’ll need to preorder the Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Deluxe Alpha Expansion, which currently retails for $54.99 on Steam and £39.99 on Frontier Developments’ website.

Pre-purchasing the Deluxe Alpha Expansion will not only get you access to Odyssey’s final version, but it will also unlock access to the Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Alpha, which kicks off today. Currently the alpha is on Phase One, which includes a single star system for players to explore, as well as access to the new Apex Interstellar travel system.

Players will also be able to experience a myriad of salvage and collect/delivery missions, as well as check out the expansions new first-person combat systems. Overall, the first phase will focus heavily on getting the core systems working, as well as smoothing out any networking problems that crop up.

How to join the Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Alpha
Here is a look at the different alpha phases currently planned for Odyssey.

Once you’ve preordered the Deluxe Alpha Expansion, you’ll need to load up the Elite Dangerous launcher and then look for the Odyssey Alpha option in the dropdown menu where you can change which version of the game you’re playing. Select the alpha version and then launch the game to get started.

Now that you know how to join the Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Alpha, make sure you keep your eyes right here on Shacknews for even more information about Frontier Developments’ space sim.

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