Elon Musk claims the Cybertruck won't have door handles

A new tweet from Tesla CEO Elon Musk claims that the Cybertruck won't feature door handles.


Since its original unveiling, Tesla’s Cybertruck has remained one of the most anticipated electric vehicles set for a future release. While we know some bits about the upcoming Tesla truck, there’s still a good deal we just don’t have any information about. Now, Elon Musk has dropped another bomb on fans of the upcoming electric truck by claiming it won’t feature door handles when it finally arrives.

Now, it’s worth noting that it’s unclear exactly what Musk means by this. Tesla is no stranger to unique door handle designs. Previously we’ve seen self-presenting handles on the Model S, which slide out of the door when you approach it with the key fob on your person. For the Model X, all you need to do is press the handle itself and then you can open the door. In fact, if you have the premium upgrade package, the door will open on its own.

But, if Musk’s claims are to be believed, the Cybertruck could do away with these ideas completely, instead somehow allowing users to open the doors of the truck without the use of handles.

This is an interesting update to the truck’s design, as the original Cybertruck design that was showcased at the unveiling featured the standard handles that Tesla has become known for. It shouldn’t be shocking, really, as Tesla has been studying the opening and closing of doors without handles for a number of years now. The design could also use something similar to the 2020 Roadster, which included a swipeable area next to the door that you can swipe to open the door.

Still, it is interesting to learn that the company is shooting to remove handles entirely from the Cybertruck. It will be interesting to see what other planned updates are made for the upcoming electric truck. We’ll continue to keep an eye on Tesla and the Cybertruck as we move deeper into the year, so be sure to keep it right here on Shacknews.

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