What is Microsoft Mesh?

Find out what Microsoft Mesh is and why people are excited about it.


Unveiled during today’s opening keynote of MS Ignite, Microsoft’s latest AR platform is called Microsoft Mesh. While the presentation included a good overview of the different partners Microsoft is working with, many are still trying to understand what Microsoft Mesh is.

What is Microsoft Mesh?

Microsoft Mesh is, at its core, a mixed reality tool that will allow developers and everyday users to collaborate in an augmented reality environment using AR and VR headsets.

what is Microsoft Mesh?
Microsoft Mesh will let users collaborate together in mixed reality instances.

Basically, Microsoft Mesh will allow you to put on a mixed reality headset and then enter virtual workspaces and applications. This will work similarly to current virtual reality social apps like VRChat and AltSpaceVR, creating virtual environments for you to explore and collaborate within. These apps let you work together seamlessly, and Microsoft believes that Mesh will help take that even further by offering a ton of support and security thanks to its foundation on Azure, the company’s cloud-based computing service.

With much of the world’s workforce now stuck at home, having ways to connect is more important than ever, especially as we look to the future of the modern workplace. While Zoom calls have worked out fine, being able to create an environment that feels realistic and “transports” you to the same place as others is something many have been looking for.

With technology like Microsoft Mesh, the ability to have an immersive, multiuser virtual environment. This will help bring users together without having to break social guidelines or having to worry about traveling to the office. This gives you the benefit of being in a physical location together without having to leave your home office.

Microsoft Mesh will be available on multiple mixed reality headsets, including the Hololens 2, Oculus Quest 2, and even other VR/AR head-mounted displays. For more information from MS Ignite, be sure to check out our Microsoft news hub.

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