Valheim update 0.147.3 patch notes bring big changes to dedicated servers

Valheim update 0.147.3 might not look like something to write home about, but it brings some big changes to how the game handles dedicated servers.


One of the problems that many developers run into with online games is creating a stable way for users to play together. The latest patch for Valheim, update 0.147.3 focuses heavily on overhauling how the game deals with dedicated servers, including changing how users connect to them.

The latest update for Valheim should make it easier to play with others.

The patch notes, which were shared via the official Valheim store page on Steam, aren’t very long. However, the changes detailed in the post are important. Where the dedicated servers for Valheim previously utilized Steam Datagram Relay (SDR), they will now make use of direct connections instead. This should allow players to more easily connect to the servers they want to play on.

Here’s a look at the full patch notes:

  • Localization updates
  • Made Haldor head-turn smoother
  • Object network interpolation is skipped if object was far away, solved issue with network players flying through the air when entering dungeons & exiting portals etc
  • Added -public 1/0 flag to dedicated server again, Allows players to host local lan only servers
  • Join IP-button updated to allow for lan-connections (dedicated servers only) & added DNS support
  • Dedicated servers use directIP connection instead of SDR, solves issues with slow steam relays in some areas of the world
  • Bonemass puke-effect network fix
  • Updated Dedicated-server PDF manual
  • Prevent pickup items when entering portals
  • Lowered wolf procreation slightly
  • Lowered chance of boss trophy talking

It also looks like the update made some changes to how items can be interacted with when entering portals by removing item pickup when transitioning between locations.

The past two patches for Valheim have all been focused on making connecting easier and resolving network issues that players have been running into. While update 0.147.3 doesn’t bring any big gameplay changes, there’s no doubt that players will be happy with the additional network fixes that this version brings. The developers are also hopeful that this will help resolve some of the connection issues introduced with last week’s patch. For more news and info, be sure to check out our Valheim topic.

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    March 2, 2021 8:45 AM

    Josh Hawkins posted a new article, Valheim update 0.147.3 patch notes bring big changes to dedicated servers

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      March 2, 2021 5:27 AM


      Patch notes

      Localization updates
      * Made Haldor head-turn smoother
      * Object network interpolation is skipped if object was far away, solved issue with network players flying through the air when entering dungeons & exiting portals etc
      * Added -public 1/0 flag to dedicated server again, Allows players to host local lan only servers
      * Join IP-button updated to allow for lan-connections (dedicated servers only) & added DNS support
      * Dedicated servers use directIP connection instead of SDR, solves issues with slow steam relays in some areas of the world
      * Bonemass puke-effect network fix
      * Updated Dedicated-server PDF manual
      * Prevent pickup items when entering portals
      * Lowered wolf procreation slightly
      * Lowered chance of boss trophy talking

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        March 2, 2021 5:51 AM

        Interview with Iron Gate CEO Richard Svensson

        Some notable questions and answers

        How would you describe the art aesthetic of Valheim?
        Playstation-Modern perhaps ;) - Neoplaystationism?

        What would you say is Valheim’s biggest weakness that the team at Iron Gate is working to improve?
        Aspects of the networking code, suffice to say that the influx of players brought some very piquant problems to light in that department. Of course there are a lot of other issues also... We have a public bug tracker that we encourage players to use, and we try to fix everything as fast as possible.

        The game is still in Early Access. What do you see in store for the next few months of Valheim?
        Well, according to the Roadmap there’s going to be home improvements, some sort of spooky cult, and new options for maritime exploration. And then we have a whole new biome coming; Mistlands, a dark and foreboding place if you ever saw one! However, I would like to state for the record that we don’t plan on doing new content until we ourselves are happy with the current state of the game that is for sale, i.e for the foreseeable future we will try to get as many bugs squashed and issues sorted as possible.

        • reply
          March 2, 2021 5:55 AM

          Holy shit, a CEO with his head on straight. brb buying a lotto ticket.

          • reply
            March 2, 2021 10:05 AM

            We wouldn’t have any game industry at all if it was just walk-to-wall Techland nightmares.

            There have always been professional teams who care about perfection (Irrational was always my favorite). They usually don’t make for such “hilarious” stories, though.

      • reply
        March 2, 2021 5:58 AM

        No clue why I'm so interested in building a bridge in this game. I did a basic flat bridge last night. The main challenge is getting support in the middle over the deepest part of the river. This took some thought and is probably where I need to do some research on how others solved for it. This also meant I had to move down to the narrowest part of the river according to the map. The place I picked was down a slope and farther from my base than I wanted. Getting the cart back up the incline was a challenge. If I really want this for access to the 2nd landmass I might do some back and forth ramps on the slope to make using the cart easier.

        I think I may need to consider a truss bridge. One disadvantage is that I don't have stone yet and I guess there isn't core wood diagonal beams.

        I haven't looked at these just yet, but there are some bridge building videos. Curious if they solved for some of my challenges.

        • reply
          March 2, 2021 9:02 AM

          First bridge attempt pic

        • reply
          March 2, 2021 10:40 AM

          Okay, I built a little smarter then the 1st video.
          2nd video is genius if the river is shallow enough.
          3rd video is what I suspected you would have to do. I assume the cart can get up that. I was able to haul it up a pretty steep hill.

          Going to have to do 2.0 next, but I'm not doing creative mode, so I'll have to go chop some more core wood first.

      • reply
        March 2, 2021 5:59 AM

        Repost from last night, since it was late: Ok, I can confirm that gray dwarves really, really hate torches.

        Observe the several dwarves loitering on the hill near my base, showing no particular interest.

        Notice how the same group is making a beeline into my defenses not 30 seconds later, immediately after I placed a torch.

        Furthermore, though I didn't screenshot it, the remaining dwarf fled after I removed the offending source of light. Until I shot him, anyway.

        Dwarves hate torches. It's science.

        Note: This doesn't necessarily mean dwarves will have the same reaction to campfires, handheld torches, or any other particular sort of fire. At most, I'd generalize this to torches you build for light.

        • reply
          March 2, 2021 6:01 AM

          Ya know, it hit me while I was working on my bridge when it got dark in-game. I'm almost always using the headlight from the merchant. I wonder if that's what is attracting them vs fire. I took it off after the first greydwarf found me after sundown and never got bothered again. So, I wonder if it's any light and not just fire that will attract them.

          • reply
            March 2, 2021 6:04 AM

            Oooh, I haven't found the merchant yet, but yeah, I'd guess they're attracted to any light source, or at least any light source that isn't going to burn them.

            They're also attracted to noise, such as from digging or chopping, but building seems to be quiet. Or at least quieter.

            • reply
              March 2, 2021 6:07 AM

              I went to a friend's server for the merchant. I haven't sailed from my starting area yet. I don't have a lot of black forest area, so I think I've cleared out all the copper and dungeons I have. I will need to find the merchant on my own world pretty soon.

            • reply
              March 2, 2021 6:13 AM

              Hmm, if this behavior is consistent for other monsters, I wonder if it can be exploited to farm monster drops? I wonder if it's even worth the effort, considering how much crap I've gotten from dwarves without deliberate farming.

      • reply
        March 2, 2021 6:06 AM

        This game is very good. My crew and I spent some time last night trying to build up our stores of armor to outfit everyone, so it was just a lot of mining. Mining has gotten a lot easier since we got the karve. Next up is heading to the elder since he's marked on our map; I think it will be a pretty dicey trip over the sea to get there.

        I love the wave physics. I get a pretty visceral feeling from seeing my little boat get tossed around.

        The small inventory is pretty tedious, especially given the variety of things that take up space. Once you account for your armor and various types of food and a potion or two, there isn't that much left for whatever else you might pick up while adventuring. I wish that your character got better at "carrying" the way that they get better at everything else. Maybe even just an arbitrary +5 weight capacity / +1 inventory slot every hour in game or something like that up to a certain limit (+50/+10).

        This is obviously stupid, but I am going full troll armor + copper knife for a backstab build. Combat is so chaotic (and over too quickly for most fights where I could actually use it) that it does not make sense. But it's fun and funny and fits the kind of characters that I like to play, so I am rolling with it.

        Moment of zen from the weekend: I'm sailing my raft at probably slower than walking speed and happen to pass by a pal kiting a troll. As I approach, I said something like "I really hope that that troll just comes over here and kills me" and, glory to the gods, sure as shit if that troll did not totally forget for a moment that someone was shooting arrows into him to turn and directly face me, pause for a second, and then leisurely walk into the middle of the river to clobber me. It was amazing.

        • reply
          March 2, 2021 6:11 AM

          If you haven't found the merchant, that should be your next objective. He sells a belt that lets you carry 450 weight. Doesn't help with the slots, but doe the amount of stuff you can haul.

          The game is definitely meant to make you think about your objective. If you're going out hunting, try not to carry more than you need, vs if you're going out building you may not need as much variety of food and potions. It's a bit of a gamble though. I could probably put away some of my weapons, but I don't feel comfortable trying to melee a troll.

          Don't underestimate troll armor. It's currently the highest armor with no movement penalty. It's the best for kiting. Swap out if you're going to dungeon crawl though.

          • reply
            March 2, 2021 6:19 AM

            I haven't seen anything about a merchant. I'd make it my objective if I knew about it! We've explored our starting area and the adjacent black forest pretty extensively and haven't seen anything out of the ordinary. Am I missing something that I should be seeing?

            • reply
              March 2, 2021 6:40 AM

              Icon shows up on your map when you're close. He's probably not near your starting area, but it's random. Right now there don't appear to be any clues on how to find him. You just get lucky. Reddit will give you a world seed to use to beeline to the merchant on that world, then you pop back-and-forth when you have stuff to sell and can afford one of his items. They aren't cheap.

              Hopefully they'll add some clues later. I semi-expect there might be other merchants or npcs later on.

              • reply
                March 2, 2021 7:04 AM

                Damn, I could really use that belt. I've done a decent job of exploring the areas around me.... I'll keep an eye out, tho.

              • reply
                March 2, 2021 7:19 AM

                Got it. Now that I know this is a thing, I'll keep an eye out. I'm definitely not going to do the trick you've described, lol, but I can try to reveal as much of the map as possible.

          • reply
            March 2, 2021 7:31 AM

            One of our teammates went high on troll armor and it's pretty good, he was able to skip bronze and iron armor with no significant problems with the mobs. By the time you get to the mountain / plains biomes, the armor class just isn't high enough and the ability to take a hit supercedes the 10% movement speed penalty of wolf / padded armor. Also, don't ignore shields completely. Iron mining requires close-quarters capability and a bow / sneak build is poorly suited for where iron is in the game.

            The game just doesn't have the depth / complexity to play it like classes.

            • reply
              March 2, 2021 8:27 AM

              Eh, I was fine iron mining with just my bow. If you're cagey about how you mine out the doorways you can hit the enemies while they're trapped.

      • reply
        March 2, 2021 8:05 AM

        We killed bonemass last night and we definitely had some terrible lag during it that we haven't had elsewhere. wondering if it was related to that fix.

      • reply
        March 2, 2021 8:37 AM

        Anyone know if iron armor makes the plains even a little easier? Seems like those goblins and deathsquitos are either one hit or two hit kills. We have our troll aror up to level 3 or 4 so the eating is up there. But damn we get owned out there. Just about to take on the third boss.

        • reply
          March 2, 2021 8:42 AM

          plains are beyond the mountain i think, even with iron you die fast. hell, the swamp with iron isn’t easy alone, and even with others food and poison resist is a req

        • reply
          March 2, 2021 8:42 AM

          you should be in mountains getting silver/wolf armor

        • reply
          March 2, 2021 8:44 AM

          If you're doing melee you want to move past troll armor. Troll armor is best if you're kiting.

          • reply
            March 2, 2021 9:37 AM

            Yeah we usually stay out of melee range unless necessary. And then they are usually almost dead by time they get in range.

          • reply
            March 2, 2021 1:18 PM

            Need that 10x backstab bonus with my abyssal knife

        • reply
          March 2, 2021 9:23 AM

          Yes, every armor is superior. but you should get Iron, clear the swamp boss, then go to the mountains and get the mats for the next tier armor (silver/wolf), before really going crazy in the plains.

          • reply
            March 2, 2021 9:38 AM

            Since the armor rating is close i wasn't sure how much better/worse something is. Especially since they have a pretty big movement penalty.

            • reply
              March 2, 2021 9:46 AM

              The movement penalty sucks but the damage resistance is huge, I'm not sure how the system scales.. I thought about playing around with it, going to troll armor the beginner greydwarves were hitting for 2-3 points, with iron they hit for sub 1 pt, with wolf armor they hit for 0

              • reply
                March 2, 2021 9:48 AM

                haven't vetted it, but this guy ran some tests...


              • reply
                March 2, 2021 10:08 AM

                There's info out there. Been watching some of this guy's videos. He seems to put thought behind his tests.

              • reply
                March 2, 2021 10:18 AM

                Having done the entire tech tree, my advice on a new play through would be:


                Get to troll armor, max it out. Troll skin becomes easy to obtain and troll level 4 gear is roughly equivalent in armor class to iron level 1 (with no movement penalty). If you have a player playing more of a tank they can get iron armor and upgrade it a little, but everybody else should be fine in tier 4 troll leather.

                To survive the cold in the mountain biome takes either a Lox cape or Wolf cape at a minimum, which also requires silver. We only saw silver from the mountain biomes where you see drakes and golems, you will need a series of fires to get to that first silver deposit. Mine enough silver (requires iron pickaxes) to give everybody wolf / lox capes. At which point you no longer need the fires to walk around in the mountain biome. Once you have the capes, do full sets of wolf / silver armor for the team.

                Save your iron as much as possible, because it's required for the padded armor after Silver / Wolf. So if you mine a bunch of easy iron for iron armor, you will kick yourself when you need more iron for padded armor.

                • reply
                  March 2, 2021 10:43 AM

                  Glad to see troll armor works out like that. Means my assumption has been correct; even though I'm still in the 2nd biome. I'm stuck until I progress more to get to the next workbench upgrade to max the armor.

      • reply
        March 2, 2021 8:40 AM

        our operations have about conquered iron and we’re starting to setup shop for silver extraction

        game is great; there are no quests, no rng, most no special items... but working with friends and grinding resources is cathartic and relaxing

        no jealousy for the tryhards who have already put 1000 hours into the game and are riding around on dragons shooting fireballs from the moon, you can’t go and look up the map and be told exactly the most efficient way to play the game, and even without much of a narrative it still is fun to progress. if you took these ideas and threw more resources at it, which i imagine they’re currently figuring out, the game would be fantastic

        • reply
          March 2, 2021 8:46 AM

          They have one more biome planned for this year, and I assume they have plans for a few more later on. Roadmap says they're going to work on improving some systems this year too. I agree with you about the game hits the sweet spot. I think some players are too focused on getting to the end. This game is very much about the journey over the destination. Loving it so far in case anyone couldn't tell from my daily posts. ;)

          • reply
            March 2, 2021 8:49 AM

            we’ve had more fun dying on sailing expeditions than playing anything else in quite some time

            it feels perfect for us because you jump on and do whatever sounds entertaining for a couple hours. oh we’re low on feathers.. again.. grab a bow and murder some birds. no tin? grab a cart and a few pickaxes! show up later and someone’s made 40 poison resist pots and planted 200 carrots and build a tower woo! it’s a big dumb grindy coop and i love it

      • reply
        March 2, 2021 9:05 AM


        • reply
          March 2, 2021 9:07 AM

          Copper looks like rocks, but it's got some glimmer to it. Just go up to big-ass rocks and the cursor will tell you if it's copper; if it's not, no text will appear above the cursor.

          Tin is, by comparison, very small rocks that you need to find deposits of. They're all over the place, but are usually close to water & look like black/gray rocks.

        • reply
          March 2, 2021 9:11 AM

          copper is green and gray with sparkly gold bits in the Black Forest areas. Tin is always blackish stones near or in the water also usually in the Black Forest areas.

        • reply
          March 2, 2021 10:11 AM

          Copper and tin are both in the black forest for starters.

          Tin is near the water, copper seems to be most plentiful near mountains but also spawns all over the place

          • reply
            March 2, 2021 10:20 AM

            I got super lucky and a massive copper vein spawned right on the border of the black forest and meadows.

            When I say massive I mean it's larger than my entire home base.

    • reply
      March 2, 2021 10:10 AM

      I think this is the first time I've noticed a merged thread. Nice job backend coders.

    • reply
      March 2, 2021 10:18 AM

      I hadn't looked at the review count. 117k reviews, 96% positive. I think they're on to something here.

    • reply
      March 2, 2021 1:26 PM

      huh. I didn't know there were dedicated servers! that makes it enticing, sounds like the right game at the right time for lots of players. that's awesome.

      I just fear the grindy/collecty/crafty aspect! maybe I can buy it, join a world, and help by killing the level 2 boars!

    • reply
      March 2, 2021 1:54 PM


      • reply
        March 2, 2021 1:57 PM

        I need to get to stone. A lot of fun options for structures open up at that point.

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