Warcraft Classic devs On the game's reception & future expectations

Shacknews sits down and has a conversation with some of the developers behind Warcraft Classic.


World of Warcraft Classic is expanding with the return of Burning Crusade, the first ever expansion pack for WoW. Following the announcement of WoW Classic Burning Crusade, Shacknews video editor, Greg Burke sat down with John Hight, the executive producer for World of Warcraft, as well as Brian Birmingham, the lead software engineer on WoW Classic, to talk about the game, the upcoming expansion, and what kind of expectations fans should set for future balancing.

According to the developers, many of the decisions surrounding how they change things up in WoW Classic all come down to what feels right. By default they try to stick with what the classic experience would have consisted of, however some interactions and experiences in the original version of the game could leave players feeling excluding due to how they were designed. When it comes to systems like this, players should expect to see some changes—though they should be fairly minor—just to help make things accessible to all players and classes.

When we reviewed WoW Classic last year, Greg Burke wrote “The biggest thing WoW Classic has that retail WoW lost over the years, is the social aspect of the game. No cross-severs, or dungeon raid finder means it relies on players actually looking for groups in chat. Whether it’s for questing, dungeon runs, portals or raids. This system of social interaction is probably the biggest feature of WoW Classic, and since each server is its own closed off world, you’ll likely encounter the same players again and again. It’s by far the biggest and best feature WoW Classic brings to the table.”

You can check out the full video of the interview with Hight and Birmingham above, where Greg Burke asks them various questions about where the game is currently, whether or not the community’s speed at completing certain things met or exceeded their expectations, and more. It’s a solid watch, and one that WoW fans especially will want to check out.

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