AndaSeat Dark Demon gaming chair review: Customizable comfort

AndaSeat's new gaming chair gives users supreme freedom.


One of the most underrated aspects of a solid gaming setup is a decent chair. Whether or not or not you’re into the popular “racer” style of modern gaming chairs, it’s vital that you find a comfortable, supportive seat if you’re going to be spending a lot of time at your desk. AndaSeats newest gaming chair, the Dark Demon, provides exceptional comfort, while letting users fine tune their experience.

Supreme comfort

Visually, the Dark Demon is a really sleek chair. With an entirely black design and white stichting for the logo and lettering, it’s a basic yet clean look that you can pop into most setups, regardless of theme. Setup was fairly simply, though the chair is a bit hefty, weighing roughly 65 pounds. If possible, the build process is a lot simpler with a second set of hands. After a handful of steps, you’re ready to go.

As with most gaming chairs, the Dark Demon is a racer-style seat, but it’s far more than just another gaming chair. The seat cushion, the part you sit on is fairly wide. It's not only accommodating for gamers of all shapes and sizes, but made me feel less restrained while using it. The chair also features a removable neck pillow and lumbar support. I didn’t realize how cheap the lumbar support pillow was on my last chair until I sat down in the Dark Demon. It’s firm, and feels perfectly placed on my lower back.

The neck pillow is comfortable too, but I wish it was a bit smaller. I often found myself reaching back to readjust or move the neck pillow up or down. Where the Dark Demon really impresses is with the customization available in the armrest and recline. The armrests have three different buttons. One to slide the armrest forward or backwards horizontally, one to slide it from left to right, and one raise and lower.

Play the way you feel

Proper armrest placement comes down to preference, and it can feel really awkward when they feel off by a few inches in one direction or the other. Having long arms, I really appreciated being able to slide the armrests forward to accommodate. You can also use a lever on the side of the chair to adjust the recline on it. Sit at a perfect right angle, or lean until your body is completely horizontal. As somebody who not only works all day in their office chair, but also sits on it for relaxed gaming sessions, it’s nice to just easily change levels.

The wheels and gas lfit on the Dark Demon allow users to slide around and spin freely. Both the wheels on the base and rotation feel incredibly smooth. That said, whenever I stood up, I noticed that my chair would slowly rotate for a while before coming to a stop. Oftentimes I’d get up to run to the kitchen or use the bathroom, and when I returned, the chair was facing an entirely different direction. Of course, not a big deal, but the Dark Demon can be a sensitive chair.

The demon

All in all, AndaSeat’s Dark Demon is a versatile office chair. Soft cushions and quality back support ensure that your body won’t be aching when you wake up in the morning. Fully customizable armrests and recline helps to keep you comfortable whether you’re hard at work, or just relaxing and playing games.

This review is based on a physical product provided by the manufacturer. The AndaSeat Dark Demon is available now for $399.99 on the company's website.

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AndaSeat Dark Demon
  • Supreme comfort
  • Full armrest customization
  • Exceptional lumbar support
  • Large seat cushion
  • Sleek visual design
  • Neck pillow may require constant adjustment
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