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Nintendo Switch Concierge announced for new Switch owners

Nintendo has unveiled a free service to help acclimate new Switch owners with their consoles via one-on-one chat with live representatives.


The Nintendo Switch is still selling through as we near four years after the console's launch. For new customers that have recently purchased a Switch or for those that still have questions about their hardware, a new service called Nintendo Switch Concierge has been announced to help. The service is being advertised as a new pilot program for Switch owners at no cost to provide a one-on-one virtual meeting with an official Nintendo representative. These meetings will allow customers to ask questions, receive definitive answers, and learn everything there is to know about the Nintendo Switch and what it can offer.

Currently the service has a few select topics to choose from before making an appointment. These include Nintendo Switch 101, getting started with games, security and privacy, Nintendo accounts, customization, and even tips on what to play next. Once a topic has been selected, one simply chooses a date and time that works best for them via the sign-up page. After receiving a confirmation email, Nintendo will initiate the session through Microsoft Teams at the confirmed time.

Image credit: Nintendo
Image credit: Nintendo

These topics are limited to around 30 minutes per session according to the sign-up instructions. They also state that the appointment is non-transferrable and only open to those who have recently purchased a Nintendo Switch system. It is unclear exactly how long this window of purchase is backdated for newer customers. The sessions will be limited to one per persons that are aged at least 18 years, and any sessions are not to be recorded by either the representatives or the end users.

New hardware can be a daunting proposition for those that are new to gaming and Nintendo is taking some big steps towards educating their users. While it isn't known how long this pilot program will be available, if you are interested, sign-up soon as space is limited and availability might be scarce. Nintendo hardware shows no signs of slowing down in sales, it's commendable for Nintendo to make sure new customers are feeling comfortable with their purchase. For more information on the Switch and upcoming plans from Nintendo, keep your eyes on Shacknews as we report on any additional stories.

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