Mega Ran reflects on his musical journey and his new memoir Dream Master

We sit down with Raheem 'Mega Ran' Jarbo to talk Dream Master, his new autobiography. Dive in for nerdcore hip-hop, origins, inspirations, Shacknews Stimulus Games predictions and more.


Phoenix, Arizona based nerdcore hip-hop artist Raheem 'Mega Ran' Jarbo is on a storied musical journey that has delighted fans around the world for almost two decades now, a lifetime in itself. With the release of his new book, Dream Master: From the Stoop to the Stage to the Stars, Raheem gives us a look at the rise behind one of nerdcore hip-hop's most influential artists. Resident nerd rocker Blake Morse sits down with Mega Ran to talk about his new book, life before nerdcore, personal inspirations, aspirations for the Shacknews Stimulus Games crown and more in this remote interview available on GamerHubTV, our interview headquarters on YouTube. Please take a look.

Raheem, aka Mega Ran, aka RandomBeats, aka Random, is one of the most skilled masters of video game and hip-hop mixology. Nobody starts out at the top and the journey for Raheem has been one worthy of retelling. Blake Morse gets to the core of Mega Ran's new autobiography with a friendly familiarity in this half-hour interview. Detailing not only his life but his extensive discography, Dream Master has something for anyone interested in hip-hop or video game music. Raheem Jarbo's memoir has over five years behind its creation and is truly a work of dedication and passion, one that only an artist as prolific as Mega Ran could deliver.

Raheem 'Mega Ran' Jarbo has a mastery of hip-hop and video game mixology.
Raheem 'Mega Ran' Jarbo has a gift for mixing video games and hip-hop.

Raheem has been a stalwart competitor in our Nerdcore Stimulus Games and is even a guest writer on Shacknews with a fantastic review of Airplane Mode. Equipping so many special weapons in his toolkit, Mega Ran looks prepared to counter any boss heading into 2021. With the iconic Mega Ran album Black Materia: The Remake still available and recent projects like Ages, Vol. 2 Deluxe Edition and much more on the way, Raheem is on the rise and the domain of Air Man is the limit.

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