There Was a Fire Fight Feat - Hitman 3

Learn how to complete the There Was a Fire Fight Feat in Berlin with this Hitman 3 walkthrough.


In Hitman 3, anyone can become a master assassin. All of the tools you need to complete the job are available, though sometimes you might need to go out of your way a bit to pull off certain Challenges or Feats. In this guide, we’ll show you how to complete the There Was a Fire Fight Feat, which can be found in Berlin.

There Was a Fire Fight Feat walkthrough - Hitman 3

In order to complete this Feat, players will need to take on the appearance of the Rolf Hirschmüller, the club's owner and then call for a meeting with the ICA assassins. The easiest way to do this is to begin with the Club Entrance starting point and then sneak into the club owner’s office to steal his disguise.

Here’s a quick overview of everything you need to do to complete this Feat:

  • From the club entrance, get downstairs to the Hirschmüller's office.
  • Use the Gramophone to distract Hirschmüller and draw him to you.
  • Subdue Hirschmüller and hide his body in the nearby storage container.
  • Take the Hirschmüller's disguise and then pick up his phonebook.
  • Make a call on the intercom nearby to initiate a meeting with the ICA agents.
  • Sit behind the desk and wait for the agents to arrive.
  • Wait for five agents to enter the room, then kick the desk over.
  • Grab the shotgun and kill all five agents.
  • Leave through the nearest exit down the hall.

From the club entrance, head forward and get frisked. Continue down the hall and then take the stairs down. Your objective here is to get to the main dance floor area of the club. Follow the second set of stairs down and then take a left at the overlook. You should now be exiting down onto the dance floor. Keep to the right and avoid any guards. As long as you reach this area within a minute or so of the timer starting, you shouldn’t run into any enforcers.

hitman 3 - there was a fire fight - backstage entrance
Use the door to the right of the stage to gain access to the backstage area.

Head through this door and then take the ladder immediately to your left. Climb up and turn right to find a ventilation system that you can climb onto. Follow the vent to the right and drop down around the corner to avoid the guards. There’s also a camera here you can avoid because it's a good habit to do so, but you'll blow your Silent Assassin rating with this Feat either way.

hitman 3 - there was a fire fight - avoid camera and enter doors
Watch out for the camera above the door to the club owner's office.

Head inside the double doors right beneath the camera and hold to the left to avoid Hirschmüller and his security guards. Locate the Gramophone and activate it. Wait for the club owner to become suspicious and then turn it off again to avoid any other enemies coming to investigate.

hitman 3 - there was a fire fight - gramophone
Distract the club owner using the Gramophone to get him closer to you.

Wait for the Hirschmüller to approach you and subdue him. Hide the body in the nearby storage container and take his disguise on. You’ll also want to grab the Phonebook that he dropped. Approach the phone on the counter and interact with it to set up a meeting. The ICA agents know that it isn’t Hirschmüller calling, so go ahead and return to the desk and wait for the agent to arrive.

hitman 3 - there was a fire fight - schedule the meeting
Use the phone to schedule a meeting with the ICA.

Now you need to wait for four more agents to move into the room. Let Agent 47 continue talking with Agent Montgomery until the others have entered the room and gathered around him.

hitman 3 - there was a fire fight - wait for five agents to arrive
If you followed along with our specific instructions, all five agents should be in the room within five minutes.

When you’re ready, kick the desk and grab the shotgun underneath it. Use the shotgun to blast all of the enemies and complete the Feat. The closest exit can be found to the right as you exit into the hallway.

hitman 3 - there was a fire fight - shotgun blasting
Use the shotgun underneath the desk to dispose of the agents quickly.

Now that you know how to complete the There Was a Fire Fight Feat, make sure you also check out our other Hitman 3 guides.

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