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God of War gets PS5 enhanced performance patch tomorrow

Sony Santa Monica announced that God of War's PS5 performance patch is coming sooner rather than later.


It’s been a few months since the PlayStation 5 arrived, giving fans of the PlayStation system a new way to play their favorite games. Over those few months, we’ve seen more and more games offering next-gen upgrade patches, which offer higher resolutions, FPS, and better overall performance. Now, Sony Santa Monica, the studio behind 2018’s hit God of War reboot has revealed details about God of War’s PS5 performance patch.

The news was shared in a blog post on the official Sony Santa Monica website, where the development company revealed that God of War’s PS5 enhanced performance patch is coming tomorrow, February 2, 2021.

God of War screenshot from PS5
Here is a screenshot shared from the PS5 version of God of War running on the Enhanced Performance Patch.

The new Enhanced Experience Patch will basically take the PS4 Pro’s two versions—one which favored performance and another which favored resolution and visuals—and combine them into one that the studio says will offer the best of both performance and resolution for PlayStation 5 players to make use of.

With the PS5 performance patch installed, God of War will sync up to 60 FPS and will offer 4K checkerboard resolution. Those who prefer the PlayStation 4’s previous ‘favor resolution’ mode will be able to turn it on by selecting the Original Performance Experience option in the settings. This will default back to the 4K checkerboard resolution at 30 FPS.

When God of War released in 2018, Ozzie Mejia wrote in our review that “God of War feels like a breath of fresh air, thanks to a reimagined world and some deeper customization features. But at the root of the game is the classic God of War combat, slightly less gory but only slightly less grisly. Tearing monsters apart bare-handed is just as much of a rush as it ever was. And that's good, because even if it's time to grow up, it's okay not to change too much.”

The Enhanced Experience Patch drops tomorrow, so PS5 players should prepare to download it and check out God of War with the power of the PlayStation 5 behind it.

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