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Shadowlands manages to continue the narrative in World of Warcraft while providing fresh content for veterans and an accessible entry point for new players.


World of Warcraft: Shadowlands is the eighth expansion for the hugely popular MMO. Players take to an entirely new region to fight against a new host of enemies. With a myriad of new mechanics to discover, new places to explore and more fights to experience, Shadowlands manages to be entertaining and fresh. Please, take a look at the video review below!

The story in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands sees players venture into the Shadowlands after Sylvanas shatters the Helm of Domination, causing the barrier between life and death to fracture. In this new location, players work from a new hub called Oribos as they follow questlines that showcase each new zone. Within these zones are covenants that offer a multitude of unique rewards.

It wouldn’t be a World of Warcraft expansion without mentioning the gear. Shadowlands offers a handful of new dungeons for players to pilfer with a variety of difficulty levels and of course new raid content. Beyond this, there’s also a new rogue-like dungeon called Torghast, which features randomly-generated rooms and encounters. This can be tackled solo or as a group and should provide players with ample opportunity to farm the perfect item for their builds.

While veteran players will immediately feel at home, Shadowlands also features plenty of onboarding for new players. Blizzard has done an incredible job at making this 16-year-old game accessible for those players looking to take their first steps into this exciting world.

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands certainly manages to capture the same feelings we’ve had since first started playing the game. The leveling experience overhaul, constant sense of progress with rewards, and new campaign stories make Shadowlands a must-have for any avid player. For more video reviews like this, make sure you stop by the Shacknews YouTube channel.

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  • Constant sense of progress with rewards
  • Four campaign stories are fun and Interesting
  • Torghast is addictive and enjoyable
  • Leveling experience overhauled
  • Covenant identity is a strong driving force
  • Better accessibility thanks to a new Tutorial Mode
  • Art & Environment Design are beautiful
  • High subscription cost
  • MMOs still aren't for everyone
  • Anima grind is pretty grindy
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