Shacknews Best Comeback of 2020 - Half-Life franchise

2020 saw the return of many franchises, but none of them were as meaningful as Valve's release of Valve's Half-Life: Alyx.


We love a good comeback story at Shacknews, and 2020 has certainly set the stage for many more stories to be told in the future. There was one specific comeback that we just had to highlight this year. The Half-Life series actually came back, and it wasn't just good. It was great. Congratulations to the team at Valve Software, you have revived one of the most important video game franchises of all-time!

Many fans of the Half-Life franchise had given up hope that we would ever see a new game, but a rag-tag bunch of developers came together within Valve with the crazy idea of making a new video game. Sure, we didn't get the long-awaited release of Half-Life 3, but we did get an amazing new game that takes place in the same universe. For the first time ever, players were placed in the shoes of Alyx Vance. Half-Life: Alyx has taken home a lot of awards during the past few weeks here at Shacknews. While there are a lot of other excellent games and franchises who could have also won this award, the staff decided that a new Half-Life entry could not be ignored. Check out the video embedded above to hear some of our other nominations, and also listen to our reasoning for bestowing this award to Valve.

Congratulations to everyone over at Valve Software. It was no simple task to revive the Half-Life franchise, and Alyx has clearly done that in spades. Our only complaint is that we are left wanting more. Maybe another Half-Life game? Maybe throw a number 3 at the end of it. We're just spitballing here. Either way, praise Gaben! The Half-Life franchise is the Shacknews Best Comeback of 2020.

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