Matt Uelmen talks composing music for Torchlight 3, his creative process & more

Shacknews sits down with Matt Uelmen to talk about his work composing music for video games, as well as his creative process.


Matt Uelmen has a storied history in the gaming industry. As the composer of Torchlight 3, Uelmen has also worked in sound design and music on various other high-profile games throughout the years. Shacknews’ resident video editor, Greg Burke, recently had a chance to sit down with Uelmen and talk about his work on Torchlight 3, Starcraft 2, and even his overall creative process.

“It’s such an awesome team,” Uelmen told Greg Burke as he talked about how it felt to finally ship Torchlight 3. “It’s been really, it’s been a great privilege to be on a team where we know that we just have to worry about the game being fun, and that’s like our, you know, our only big ticket concern.”

Uelmen, whose name has appeared in credits for various projects over the years is well known for his work on games like World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade’s Outland area. He also composed the soundtrack for Diablo 2, a soundtrack that many fans of action RPG looters will no doubt recognize and appreciate. Uelmen also worked on the soundtrack for Torchlight, which Runic Games released in 2009, and he continued his work at Runic as a sound designer on Torchlight 2. In 2016, Uelmen followed his long-time colleague, Max Schaefer to Echtra Games, which recently released Torchlight 3.

The entire interview with Uelmen is roughly 22 minutes, and he and Greg Burke talk quite a bit about Uelmen’s work in video games. You can check out the video for more insight on his creative process, or just for general knowledge and behind-the-scenes stories about Torchlight 3 and his other projects from years past.

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