Where to find pre-order weapons - Demon's Souls

Assume soul form and accompany us as we show you where to find pre-order weapons in the Demon's Souls remake for PS5.


Since the original game's debut on PS3 in 2009, Demon's Souls has grown from cult classic to marquee launch title for PS5. Bluepoint Games has recreated FromSoftware's beloved inaugural Souls game into a masterwork of their own, but players who pre-ordered the game's Digital Deluxe version may be wondering where to find exclusive bonuses like the exclusive Reaper's Scythe and RItual Blade weapons.

This guide walks you through where to find the pre-order weapons in Demon's Souls.

All the bonus items included with pre-orders of Demon's Souls.
All the bonus items included with pre-orders of Demon's Souls.

Where to find pre-order weapons in Demon's Souls

Take note: The bonus items described in this guide are only available to those who pre-ordered Demon's Souls for PS5. Bluepoint and Sony may release the items to the PSN Store at a future date, but no plans have been announced. If you missed out on pre-ordering the game's extra items, you may be able to convince a kind stranger online to drop extras for you.

If you're new to Demon's Souls, you probably started a new character and began hunting around for the goodies you pre-ordered. Not so fast. You spawn in the game's tutorial area, a place you'll only visit once as you acclimate to the game's controls and flow of combat. The good news is the tutorial won't take long. Whether you defeat the Vanguard demon at the end or (more likely) he squishes you like the insect you are at this stage of your adventure, you'll spawn in the Nexus.

The Nexus is the hub world that connects Demon's Souls' five worlds together. You'll notice five Archstones; these are gateways to the game's five worlds. At first, only the first Archstone, leading to Boletaria Palace, is accessible. Before you head there, take a look nearby and you'll see two NPCs sitting on mounds of crates and other wares. The old man with the beard is Blacksmith Boldwin. You'll need him later. For now, talk to the gentleman to your left, Stockpile Thomas.

Stockpile Thomas functions as a stash. He'll hold any item you give him, and he also holds a few gifts. Talk to him and poke around in your stash to find all the items included as a bonus for pre-ordering Bluepoint's Demon's Souls remake.

Now that you know where to find your pre-order weapons, suit up for your adventure through the demon fog blanketing Boletaria. Good luck, Slayer of Demons. Shacknews is here for thee, and thee only.

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