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New Destiny 2 art could hint at Beyond Light's story direction

New art on the PlayStation store could be giving Destiny 2 players a hint about what to expect when Beyond Light arrives next month.


Destiny 2: Beyond light is just a couple of short weeks away and that means fans are gearing up for a full run on the hype train. As we grow nearer to the next chapter of the hit looter shooter, devoted Guardians have found themselves searching for answers about what’s to come in some of the most unlikely of places. The latest is a new piece of art on the PlayStation Store.

The piece of art, which was first noticed by Reddit user djtoad03 showcases what appears to be a new image for Destiny 2’s game icon. Upon further inspection by members of the community, though, it looks like the image could include some possible hints about what’s to come in Year 4 when Beyond Light releases.

Here's a look at the new art found by Reddit users.

To the unknowing, the art might not seem all that special. But for Destiny fans, who have made a habit of digging deep into things to find answers to riddles and puzzles within the game itself, the image holds much, much more. In fact, if you look closely you can actually see that the Traveler, the Destiny universe’s all-powerful being, looks to be completely healed in the artwork.

This is the second time that artwork for the game has seemed to hint at this, with the original reveal of Beyond Light’s Director (the screen used to let players move from planet to planet) showing a healed traveler when it was debuted in a blog post back in June of 2020.

Here's what the new Director that Bungie showed off in June looks like.
Here's what the new Director that Bungie showed off in June looks like. It also includes a healed Traveler.

The other bit of news coming out of this icon change is that some players believe the image also hints at a repairing of the old Tower, the series’ first social space. Since the launch of Destiny 2, players have found themselves in a new version of the Tower, one that has things a lot more spread out. While the new Tower is perfectly fine, some still long for the days of old, when the design of the social hub was a bit more open.

Whether or not Guardians actually repair the Traveler is another thing entirely and with Destiny 2: Beyond Light set to arrive on November 10, we really don’t have that long to wait for answers to finally arrive.

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