How to increase stamina - Genshin Impact

Learn how to increase your character's max stamina in Genshin Impact.


Stamina plays an important role in exploring and traversing the world of Genshin Impact. In fact, if you haven’t leveled your stamina up at all, then you’re going to find that later areas of the game become much more difficult to navigate. Because of this, increasing your stamina should be a primary goal in Genshin Impact and we can help you do just that.

How to increase stamina - Genshin Impact

Players can increase their stamina in Genshin Impact by upgrading their level at one of the Statue of the Seven that are scattered around the game world. To level up these statues you’re going to need to find a special type of resource called Anemoculus. This item can be found randomly throughout the world, and it will appear on your minimap in the form of a star.

how to increase stamina - genshin impact
Look for white stars on the mini map to find Anemoculus.

You’ll need varying amounts of Anemoculus to level up the Statues of the Seven, and you can visit any of the statues that are situated around the world. In most cases the required amount of Anemoculus will go up by two, with Level 2 costing 1 Anemoculus, Level 3 costing 2, Level 4 costing 4 and so on down the line. There are different kinds of Anemoculus that you can find, and we’ll go more in-depth on this resource in a different guide.

For now, the main focus should be gathering any that you see around the world. Look out for the star icon on your minimap and be sure to run through the floating item whenever you see it. If you see it on the map but can’t see the resource itself anywhere in the world, then try looking up or even climbing up into any nearby trees. Aside from upgrading and leveling up the Statues of the Seven, there isn’t really any other ways for you to increase your stamina.

How to increase stamina at the statue - genshin impact
Interact with a Statue of the Seven to increase stamina.

Now that you know the basics of increasing your stamina, head back over to our Genshin Impact topic for even more helpful guides and content.

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