iPhone 12 will include a reinvented version of MagSafe

The iPhone 12 will include a reinvented version of MagSafe to make it easier for users to charge their phones wirelessly.


Today’s Apple Special Event brought news about the next generation of iPhones, including the release of a new version of MagSafe, which will come included in the iPhone 12 line-up when the various versions launch.

MagSafe was originally a charging brand that Apple included with its MacBook line. After falling away a few years back, MagSafe is making a return to Apple Devices on the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max. The MagSafe system was initially a safety system for Apple laptops, allowing the charger to easily pop out should someone hit the cord. It also helped with plugging the cable in as well, allowing you to remove the worry about ruining your charging cable or worse, the charger on your laptop itself.

MagSafe Duo Charger for iPhone 12
Apple debuted the Duo Charger, which uses MagSafe to hold your iPhone 12 in place.

In the iPhone 12, and its variants, MagSafe will cater towards users who enjoy using wireless charging. This new system will allow you to place your phone down on wireless chargers much more easily. On top of wireless charging, though, the new MagSafe will allow you to connect a multitude of new accessories to your iPhone 12, including a special wallet that can hold your credit cards and ID.

It’s definitely interesting to see Apple bringing MagSafe back in such an unusual way. According to the presentation, the MagSafe device itself is built directly into the back of the iPhone 12, allowing to connection with various chargers and the accessories that we mentioned earlier. The MagSafe iPhone Charger has already appeared on the Apple online store, showing a $39.99 price tag. There are also various listings for MagSafe cases.

For those who prefer using third-party accessories, Apple has already talked about offering MagSafe support for third-party items as well. That should give iPhone 12 buyers plenty of options to choose from. For more info and announcements be sure to check out our Apple topic.

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