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How to get Pugneum - No Man's Sky

Learn how to Pugneum, a tough-to-acquire item in No Man's Sky.-


Pugneum is a premium substance that players can find and acquire in No Man’s Sky. It’s especially important if you’re trying to buy items from the Scrap Dealers that can be found on various stations throughout the universe. In this guide, we’ll break down how to get Pugneum, as well as go over a couple of ways to maximize your gains.

How to get Pugneum

Pugneum is a liquid material that can only be acquired by finding and killing Sentinels. These are the planet protectors in No Man’s Sky, and they can often be found all around the universe. They usually show up if you end up damaging a planet quite a bit, especially on planets with higher security levels.

how to get pugneum - no man's sky
A Sentinel in No Man's Sky.

The only way to kill Sentinels, though, is to get your hands on a Boltcaster. This is the offensive part of your Multi-tool, and it will come in handy as you traverse the universe searching for new planets and lifeforms. Once you have a Boltcaster, you can start taking down Sentinels. Just be aware that killing Sentinels will result in even more Sentinels coming after you, eventually leading to the Sentinels sending in massive fighters to take you out if you try to leave the planet in your own ship.

You can acquire different amounts of Pugneum depending on the Sentinel that you kill. For example, the most basic Sentinels you run into will probably net you anywhere from 10-15 Pugneum per kill. That might seem like a decent amount, but you’re going to need a lot of Pugneum if you want to refine more advanced metals and materials, or even purchase items from the Scrap Dealer. Other Sentinel enemies will drop larger amounts of Pugneum when killed, but will require significantly more firepower to bring down.

When it comes down to it, taking out multiple Sentinels is going to be good for gathering up Pugneum. Just be aware of how much energy you have saved up for your Boltcaster and be prepared to run if things get too hectic.

Now that you know how to get Pugneum, head back over to our No Man’s Sky topic for more helpful content.

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