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How to get Life Support Gel - No Man's Sky

Learn how to get Life Support Gel and replenish your Life Support in No Man's Sky.


The latest update for No Man’s Sky is finally here and in No Man’s Sky Origins, players will be able to explore new types of planets, discover new beasts, and enjoy a much fuller experience in Hello Games’ scifi space adventure. One of the changes made in the recent update seems to have negated the effect of Oxygen Capsules refueling your Life Support, instead forcing players to rely on Life Support Gel. In this guide we’ll show you how to get Life Support Gel, which you will need to craft using some fairly common ingredients found within the game.

How to get Life Support Gel

How to get Life Support Gel - No Man's Sky

Life Support Gel works similarly to how Oxygen Capsules used to work, refilling your Life Support Capsule as you need to. Unlike Oxygen Capsules, though, you won’t be able to simply visit a Galactic Trade Terminal and buy Life Support Gel. Instead, you’re going to need to craft it.

Life Support Gel can be crafted by combining one Di-hydrogen Jelly with 20 Carbon. This will create one Life Support Gel. When consumed a single Life Support Gel will refill your Life Support completely to 100%.

While it’s definitely weird to see Life Support Gel replacing Oxygen Capsules completely, the change isn’t really a bad one, and you can stock up on Life Support Gel fairly easily. It’s unclear if Oxygen Capsules still have a use, or if Hello Games intends to remove them from the game completely, but as of the time of this article’s writing, Oxygen Capsules appear to be completely useless. As such, I would definitely recommend that players refrain from purchasing them from the Galactic Trade Terminal. Making enough Life Support Gel to sustain yourself shouldn’t be that difficult for established or new players.

Now that you know how to get Life Support Gel, be sure to head back over to our No Man’s Sky topic for more useful information.

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