Unboxing & review: Marvel Animated Deadpool Merc for Hire Statue

We take a look at the Marvel Animated Deadpool Merc for Hire Statue from Gentle Giant Ltd.


At approximately 8-inches tall, the Marvel Animated Deadpool Merc for Hire Statue is a splendid collection piece. Sculpted by Gentle Giant Ltd, the statue is based off Skottie Young’s cover to Deadpool and the Mercs for Money #1 issue.

The piece itself looks like Deadpool has set up a lemonade stand with several weapons littered behind him. The signs on the stand read “MERC$” and “1MIL A MERC” and it all works really well with the bright colors and setup that Gentle Giant Ltd has put together looks really good together. There’s a lot of small detail here, too, from the weapons, all the way to the overall design of the Merc With a Mouth himself.

Going behind the statue, you’ll see that the back is littered with various items. There are a lot of long narrow pieces and since the statue is made out of a harder resin material, make sure you’re careful when moving it around. With a limited run of 3,000 pieces, and a hefty price tag of $125, the Marvel Animated Deadpool Merc for Hire status is absolutely gorgeous. Whether you’re a fan of Marvel in general, or just a fan of Deadpool, picking up this collector’s piece should be at the top of your list. 

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