Unboxing & review: JunkBots - One man's junk

Is another man's treasure, and JunkBots sure are a treasure.


JunkBots are a hot new toy from HexBug. These little robots look like the creation of a mad scientist that went dumpster diving for parts. Shacknews has the pleasure of unboxing and reviewing these JunkBots, which includes creating pre-designed robots and toying with some of our own ideas. Please take a look at the review video below!

JunkBots are sold in little trash can or dumpster-like plastic containers. This is a really unique way of packaging the parts, as it manages to tell the story and explain the idea behind the robots while also doubling as a means of storage.

Dumping out the contents of a rubbish bin leaves consumers with bits and pieces they might actually find going dumpster diving. Little to-scale pizza boxes, takeaway containers, and cereal boxes are mixed in among the plastic garbage bags and other knickknacks. It’s up to the player to dig through the trash and find parts they might like to use to create a robot.

We particularly love the attention to detail shown in the trash. Newspapers have stories printed on them, Chinese takeaway boxes have old noodles, and the trash bags are tied up nicely. It really feels like you’re rummaging for the perfect part.

HexBug's JunkBots review

Each little container includes a picture of a robot you could make from the contents, but the real fun comes in trying to create something of your own. There are some special parts in the containers too, such as a motorised unit that can be used to make a wonky-lookin’ helicopter or an LED that can attach to optic cables to light up other things.

The parts are quite durable, too. I only managed to break one item out of the myriad of bits and pieces I was working with. There can be a bit of difficulty in connecting some smaller pieces into a ball joint, but other than that the LEGO-like construction is a real treat.

This is a truly unique series of toys that is sure to be a must-have item. You can learn more about JunkBots on the HexBug website, where prices range between $4.99 USD up to $19.99 USD depending on the size of the trash container you want to purchase. Be sure to check out the Shacknews and GamerHubTV YouTube channels for more reviews of toys, board games, and more!

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