The Sims 4 reveals Star Wars Journey to Batuu content pack at Gamescom Opening Live Night

The next content pack for The Sims 4 is Star Wars Journey to Batuu, bringing a galaxy far, far away to your virtual neighborhood.


Players looking forward to diving into the next content pack for The Sims 4 will be pleased to know that the upcoming DLC will take players directly into a galaxy far, far away. The new content pack, titled Journey to Batuu, will bring a load of Star Wars-inspired goodies to the game.

The upcoming Sims 4 DLC looks to be unlike any other content we’ve seen for the game so far. In fact, on the official website, it states:

It definitely sounds like the Star Wars Journey to Batuu content pack will focus less on the traditional Sims gameplay that fans have come to know and love, though we really won’t know until EA releases more info about it closer to release. For now, though, it seems like an intriguing way to bring the two universes – Star Wars and The Sims – together. Being able to experience the edge of the galaxy in a Sims game will no doubt delight any Star Wars fan, especially if the combination is done correctly.

Based on the trailer and the info shared thus far, it does look like we’ll be able to customize our own homes with Star Wars related items, but we’ll just have to wait and see if that comes with the same level of freedom as the basic gameplay offered in The Sims 4. No release date is currently known, so keep your eyes glued right here to Shacknews for the latest info and content.

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