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K/DA is making a comeback with new single 'The Baddest'

You know who it is, comin' 'round again. K/DA is returning with a new pop song and we can't wait to hear it.


Can't get enough K/DA? Don't worry, because they're making a comeback.

The fictional League of Legends K-pop group is bringing us a hot new single next week, and we absolutely cannot wait. The news came by way of a tweet from the official K/DA Twitter account, complete with a new single name and a date.

There's a new "pre-release single" on the horizon called "The Baddest," presumably with new skins as well. What will K/DA blow us away with next? It's going to be hard to top their previous hit. What? You don't know? You missed out big time.

Previously, the girls made their debut during an augmented reality performance created with the help of K-pop stars Jaira Burns, (G)I-DLE, and Madison Beer. They sang the crazily catchy tune "Pop/Stars," while characters representing K/DA appeared onstage with them and made an awesomely glittery spectacle. If you missed it, you can check it out here.

Now you get it, right? If you can't wait to hear the new song, be sure to check out the Twitter account at 3 PM ET on August 27, when the song is set to be revealed.

Let's just hope K/DA isn't hoping to be "The Baddest," because 2NE1's CL already staked the claim of "The Baddest Female." But maybe all the ladies can share that crown.

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