Watch Quake World Champion Rapha's emotional victory interview

Team Liquid's Rapha took home the Quake World Championship today, and let his emotions flow during the post-game interview.


QuakeCon at Home is wrapping up, and the Quake World Championship has brought Quake Pro League's season to a close with Team Liquid's Rapha taking home the title belt. Shane "Rapha" Hendrixson is usually a very calm and stoic player but he was overcome with emotion during his post-game interview with DJ Wheat. Please take a look, but maybe get some Kleenex first.

Rapha didn't just win the Grand Final, he dominated his opponent Raisy in a 4-0 sweep. "There was no way I was going to lose today. I wasn't letting it happen," said the 2020 Quake World Champion. "Obviously, it's really bittersweet for me. But I just want to thank id Software and Bethesda for giving me the chance to play the best FPS game of all-time and to get a chance to prove myself time and time again and reach for goals and really try to set a standard for people in the future to go after. Whether it is for Quake or whatever they are doing." He continued, "I hope I can set a good example for everyone on the mindset you should have, how you should prepare, everything you should do going into whatever you passion is that you know you should be doing. I'm just really blessed, and I am really thankful."

Rapha was playing all weekend with a very heavy heart as he unexpectedly lost his partner earlier this summer. Tori was a member of the QuakeCon family, and her loss was felt by many this weekend, especially by Rapha. He never expressly said it, but it was very clear after watching this interview and his play today that this tournament was for Tori. He played with an intensity that we rarely get to see in esports, and dominated his opponents. 

Rapha is the 2020 Quake World Champion, and he showed everyone the power of esports in the face of tremendous adversity. Congratulations, Shane. I hope to be able to buy you a drink at the next in-person QuakeCon. Whenever that will be.


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