New Best Friend Forever gameplay footage is a good boy, yes it is

We will never pass up an opportunity to lavish praise upon very good boys and girls who like pets and treats and kisses.


Who needs humans when you can hang out with dogs in a dating sim? We're still asking that question a whole year later after we first set our sight son the adorable Best Friend Forever, "the world's first dating and dog management sim hybrid."

It feels like we've been waiting so long to get our paws on this game, and now it's finally coming out on August 27. But first, there's a new trailer to check out with paws-itively adorable content.

The new trailer shows off exactly what you can expect from a game that lets you adopt and raise a dog in Best Friend Forever, and honestly it might be too much for our little hearts to take. Just look at those widdle faces.

"You'll start your journey by creating your dating profile and adopting one of four special puppers," a press release for the game's announcement reads, "then you’re free to go on to live your best life. You might even meet somebody who is as equally into binging true crime podcasts until 5 a.m. as you, or has one of those really cool custom-made poop bag holders from Instagram." Yes, we'd like to do all of that. 

We're hoping there aren't any further delays so we can get Best Friend Forever in our kennels (and in our hearts) soon enough. Right now, it's scheduled for an August 27 release on Nintendo Switch and PC. It's been long enough. We're ready.

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