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Download the Bugsnax Instagram Effect to find out which Bugsnak you are

Find out what could quite possibly be one of the most important facts about how you relate to Bugsnax right now.


Ever wished you could find out exactly what type of Bugsnak you are? That's kind of a loaded question, since many of us are just trying to figure out what kinds of Bugsnax there actually are in the wild.

Developer Young Horses took to Twitter with a way for you to figure out which Bugsnak you would be with a fun Instagram lens. Just apply it to your photo and watch the images change before it lands on which critter you are. You never know who you're going to get, and it's free to use. It just may put a smile on your face and hold you over until we can finally get our hands on the complete game.

The only downside is the fact that you have to use Instagram and sign up for that service if you want to use it. But just look at how cool it is! And if we can't look at the actual Bugsnax game, we'll settle for just about anything. Our CEO and EIC Asif Khan even got in on the goodness here in the tweet below. 

We're patiently awaiting Bugsnax here at Shacknews, so as soon as there's additional information out about it, you know we'll be bringing it straight to you. This is one game we have firmly on our radar, and not just because of the rad song – though, don't get us wrong, it slaps super hard. 

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