Braid Anniversary Edition officially announced with remastered visuals

Rescue a princess in this storybook-inspired platform that first released in 2008 as it has new life breathed into it.


Braid Anniversary Edition is officially set to debut in early 2021, as announced during today's PlayStation State of Play presentation. Talk about a blast from the past. 

Braid is a classic puzzler that originally released in 2008, and now it's coming back for a brand new audience on PlayStation 4. Jonathan Blow's time-bending adventure is getting a facelift with Braid Anniversary Edition, which will adapt it more for modern players with high-resolution visuals and even added commentary.

The game originally appeared on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC and has mostly been unheard of over the years since it first released, but it did end up touching a special place within fans' hearts when it came out. It follows a young man apparently on a quest to save his princess, but there's a lot more to the story than that. You can rewind time as you see fit as you go about your quest, but as you complete various obstacles, you'll see a bit of a darker narrative begin to unfold.

"I want to say stuff that really gets to the heart of why things are the way they are," developer Jonathan Blow wrote on the official website for the game, “"ather than just saying some surface stuff for the sake of doing commentary, as often happens. I want to cover all subjects involved in the game — art, programming, game design, level design, history of independent games, whatever else — and if you want a high-level, short explanation, you can get that, but if you want a 20-minute-long explanation of why a particular puzzle is the way it is, you can get that too."

Right now, we aren't quite sure when we'll see Braid Anniversary Edition go live, but it's set for a 2021 debut. We'll be sure to update you once we know more.

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