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Beat Legend: Avicii is the first in a series of new rhythm games for mobile devices

Journey through some of Avicii's most popular songs in a new rhythm-focused mobile game that's available now.


Atari has joined forces with Hello There Games to bring music gaming fans around the world another chance to immerse themselves in the music of one of the greatest EDM artists of all time: Avicii.

Beat Legend: Avicii is the first in a series of rhythm games created for mobile devices (on both iOS and Android), and another way for fans to get into Tim "Avicii" Bergling's lengthy song catalog. The game, which plays similarly to legendary rhythm titles like Guitar Hero and Amplitude lets you soar through 15 of Avicii's biggest hits across a landscape optimized for touch screens as you groove along to the beat.

Some of your favorite Avicii songs are included, such as "Hey Brother," "Wake Me Up," "Without You," "Gonna Love You," "Waiting For Love," and more. As you guide your spacecraft along the track, capturing beats and taking in the psychedelic visuals, you may even feel as though you're back at an Avicii live performance –remember those?

"Atari is thrilled to again step into new territory and expand our portfolio. And what an honor it is to do so with an artist as profoundly inspirational, talented, and beloved as Avicii," said Atari's Tony Chien, Vice President of Marketing. "Beat Legend: AVICII has been a labor of love that we fully expect will be embraced by fans of rhythm-based games and devoted EDM fans alike. Stay tuned for more installments in Atari’s music-based game series that will feature some of the brightest current and up-and-coming stars from diverse music genres."

Music royalties from the game will go to the Tim Bergling Foundation in a bid to help do good, though Avicii is no longer with us to see his legacy continue to spread throughout the gaming community beyond Avicii: Invector – a game I've been thoroughly enjoying.

There will be several additional musical artist-focused rhythm games on their way soon for mobile devices, but we don't know what they are just yet. We'll keep an eye out for what those may be, but for now, you can enjoy Beat Legend: Avicii on your favorite mobile device right now.

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