Hideo Kojima has been overworking while Kojima Productions operates remotely

Hideo Kojima has been spending a lot of time working during the COVID-19 pandemic, in between a few visits back and forth to the studio.


Hideo Kojima has been spending a lot of his time working while Kojima Productions operates remotely during the pandemic.

If you've been working yourself to dust while trying to navigate the weirdness of the COVID-19 outbreak, you're not alone. Kojima's in your corner. Clad in his El Topo T-shirt while chatting with Geoff Keighley with Yoji Shinkawa as part of the Summer Game Fest, Kojima shared some of what he's been doing during quarantine.

"Kojima Productions is basically working remotely. I come to the office every other day because Yoji is there. We exchange ideas about designs and things. A little problem I have when working form home is that I become almost like a workaholic like an author, a writer, or a comic book writer, working from the moment you wake up until you sleep. So that's a little thing I'm having trouble with right now, working from home."

He's spent some time with art he enjoys as well throughout the year, so it hasn't all been work. He's still been taking time to enjoy his time at home when he has a moment as well."

"I've continued watching movies, listening to music, and reading books. But the movie that I saw recently was called The Legend of 1900. It's a 1998 movie, but I was really moved rewatching this. In Japan, the full 4K version and the full Italian version is coming to the cinema soon," Kojima said.

"The main character is born and dies and spends all his life on this luxury cruise ship as a pianist. The pianist doesn't step outside the ship at all. He's always connected with the people and crew of the ship, but he's not too isolated and alone. Watching this movie, It thought there's no complete isolation to anyone, because during current days of the pandemic, even if you're isolated in your home, you're still connected to others, and that really moved me."

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