Earth Defense Force: World Brothers is headed westward in 2021

Check out a brand new vision of the Earth Defense Force series as it adopts a voxel art style and a fun, family-friendly adventure.


Ready to tackle a new Earth Defense Force title? D3 Publisher is bringing Earth Defense Force: World Brothers to the west next year, but it might look a little different than you are expecting.

Earth Defense Force: World Brothers will feature a fun voxel art style. The reason? The game takes place in a parallel universe where everything is comprised of 3D voxels, even Earth. Earth itself is falling away into square pieces as it breaks apart, and aliens have come to continue destroying it, as they do. Players must join up with the Earth Defense Force to restore Voxel Earth and protect the citizens of the shattered planet before aliens can make more trouble. In short, this is Earth Defense Force like you've never seen it before. 

This more family-friendly entry, as D3 Publisher points out, will feature a variety of different locations, from battlefields inspired by America, the UK, Japan, Egypt, anymore. There will be plenty of soldiers to choose from in battle, from various games in the Earth Defense Force series, as well as dozens of new characters to discover as new recruits. There are over 100 new members to find to utilize their skills and abilities, so it'll be fun to seek them out.

The game is headed to both PlayStation 4 and Switch in 2020 in Japan, with no set date for its Western release just yet. Want to make sure you're in the loop for when the game finally does get a date? Stay tuned to Shacknews for additional update. 

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