Budget Cuts jumps to PSVR this month with new Panopticon level

Become an office spy ninja as you work to escape the clutches of cost-cutting robots who want you out of the department for good.


Hilarious VR title Budget Cuts is making its way to PSVR so you can live out your lifelong desire to avoid being cut out of your position at work by killer robots.

The PSVR version of Budget Cuts is launching next week with brand new content in the form of the "Panopticon" level, as announced by developer Neat Corporation. You'll take on the role of an employee at the conglomerate company TransCorp, where your job is under fire. Instead of just letting you go, though, the company sends robots after you to literally kill you. Rude.

As the HR department plays a dangerous game of seek and destroy with you, it's up to you to slip around and sneak out before you get cut – literally. Plus, with the new Panopticon level, you get to choose how you progress, whether you use stealth or force to push ahead.

"In order to make sure that “Panopticon” had a goal that was easy to see (but was also often just out of reach) we decided on a radial layout of the level. This design approach lent itself very nicely to the circular shape you see on the level. This has the added effect of both challenging the player’s navigational skills—you might just find yourself going “in circles” if you don’t pay attention. This layout also helps make the center of the level visible from several points, which supports the player in making informed decisions on how to traverse towards their goal," wrote developer Neat Corporation.

Budget Cuts is set to debut on PSVR on July 10. Get ready to jump in and don't get cut.

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