July Xbox Game Pass games include Fallout 76, Soulcalibur 6, and more

Grab Fallout 76 just in time for the additional content that's come to the game, because you can't argue with free.


Xbox Game Pass is about to welcome a slew of new titles, including one that might catch your eye if you're a Bethesda fan.

Microsoft just announced the latest selection of titles headed to Xbox Game Pass, which will all be available throughout July. The first addition came today on July 1: Out of the Park Baseball 21. It's the 21st entry in the strategy franchise with plenty of new features and additions.

Soulcalibur 6 is also out right now, and it includes a variety of fighters, including The Witcher's Gerald. It's a robust fighting game with plenty of customization options that you'll be able to create your own fighter with.

On July 9, however, Fallout 76 is being added to the mix. This is great news, since its first season of content just began on June 30 with the debut of Update 20. That means you'll be able to try out all the new additions free of charge.

The same day, the retro-inspired RPG CrossCode will also be available. It's set to include over 120 different type of enemies, plenty of dungeon crawling, and 30 boss fights to challenge you.

If you're curious about Fallout 76, be sure to read our review by our own Bill Lavoy, who scored it a 5 out of 10. Here's what he thought:

"Fallout 76 is a bit of a disaster, which is a shame because there are good ideas and good bits of content here. There wasn’t a single play session where I didn’t have a lot of fun, but there also wasn’t a session where something ridiculous didn’t cause frustration. It feels like it should have been released into early access as a work in progress for the next several months, thus alleviating some of the frustration from poor performance, bugs, and balancing issues."

Either way, it's free if you're an Xbox Game Pass subscriber, so it's worth checking out.

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