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How to get the Long Gun Holster – The Last of Us Part 2

Learn how to get the Long Gun Holster in The Last of Us Part 2 so that you can carry two long guns at one time.


When you first start off in The Last of Us Part 2, you’ll only be able to carry one of each weapon type – long gun and sidearm – on your person at once. The rest of your weapons will be kept inside of the backpack that you carry around, forcing you to stop and pull them out should you need them. Fortunately, you can actually unlock holsters later on, and this guide will detail how to find the Long Gun Holster in The Last of Us Part 2.

Before we continue it’s important to note that this guide contains spoilers for the early hours of The Last of Us Part 2. While we will try our best to not include any detailed plot points, locations and explorable areas will be discussed. If you’d rather wait and not have anything spoiled, but still would like help finding the Long Gun Holster, then please return to this guide after you reach the second chapter of the game.

How to get the Long Gun Holster

The Long Gun Holster can be acquired in the second chapter of The Last of Us Part 2, after Ellie and Dina reach Seattle. After the duo approach the “Fuck FEDRA” gate and have to find gasoline for the generator, you’ll be introduced to one of the game’s semi-open exploration areas. While exploring this area, you can actually come across a number of goodies, including the Pump Shotgun and the Long Gun Holster.

The Barkos Key in The Last of Us Part 2
You'll need to find the key to Barkos' pet store before you can get the Long Gun Holster.

To find the Long Gun Holster, you’re actually going to need to jump through a couple of hoops. First, locate the Courthouse. This is part of the main story objectives in this area, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to find. Once you’ve found it, make your way to the front of it – where the large set of stairs lead up to the building. From here you can turn to the left and spot a Rouston’s Coffee Shop just across the street. Head into this building by breaking one of the windows.

Grab any goodies in the area – there are a number of crafting materials – and then make your way through the back hallway to the bathroom. There’s a Runner hiding out in one of the stalls, so be prepared to take it down. Just dodge and melee it to death and then enter the bathroom. You should notice that the baby changing station is lowered, and there are a few items laying on it. Grab the Barkos’ Key from the changing station and then exit the coffee shop.

How to use the Barkos’ Key

The Long Gun Holster in The Last of Us Part 2
The Long Gun Holster can be found in the back room of Barkos' pet store in The Last of Us Part 2.

Once you have the Barkos’ Key, make your way across the front area of the Courthouse. Don’t go in just yet, as that will push the story forward and you’ll want to get the Long Gun Holster for easier access to your weapons. Continue past the Courthouse and move through the alleyway directly across from the right side of the building. When an alleyway opens up to the left, turn left and you should see the back door to Barkos, a pet store in the area. The key you found in the bathroom will open up this door, giving you access to a ton of loot and goodies.

Head inside the store and make your way into the back stockroom to find the Long Gun Holster waiting to be equipped on the counter. Now that you’ve got the Long Gun Holster, you can equip your Rifle and the Pump Shotgun on your shoulder at the same time, making it easier to switch between weapons as you fight. Looking for more help? Head back over to our The Last of Us Part 2 guide.

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