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Dauntless Call of the Void update is now available

The latest update for Dauntless is now available, bringing the Call of the Void to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch.


Phoenix Labs continues to work hard as they expand the depth and overall story in Dauntless, and the game’s latest update, Call of the Void, is now available to download and play.

The new update adds in a ton of great content, including a new journal, Russian language localization, the new Training Grounds area, and even a brand-new Umbral Escalation, which features a new behemoth. Thrax, a snake-like Umbral-infused creature is one of the most unique behemoths we’ve seen added to the game since its initial release.

We recently had a chance to go hands-on with the update before it’s official release. In my preview for Call of the Void I wrote, “Thrax is pretty much unlike any other Behemoth currently available in Dauntless. Featuring a snake-like body, Thrax uses Umbral portals to attack Slayers from unique angles. On top of this, the various tail-based attacks that Thrax uses during the final fight are some of the more impressive moves we’ve seen from the beasts in the game. Don’t get me wrong, the animations and overall visuals for each Behemoth have always been fantastic in Dauntless, but Thrax takes things to a different level.”

On top of the new moves that Thrax makes use of, players will also take on various other Umbral-imbued behemoths, which have updated attack combos and movement patterns. It’s a fun jaunt through some of the most challenging content that Dauntless has to offer, and both new and old fans will find plenty on offer in the update.

For more information on the Dauntless Call of the Void update, be sure to check out our official hands-on preview. You can also head over to the game website, where the developers have broken down the new update piece by piece, to help you make the most of all the new changes.

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